Best Cars for Family Vacation in Uganda

Family safaris today have become the most sought after experiences by most visitors. However, you need a car with many seats, air-conditioned, safe, reliable, comfortable and with perfect fuel economy if you are planning to travel with your family members in Uganda. And for that matter consider our fleet of cars and you will certainly enjoy your family trip in Uganda.

Below is a list of amazing cars for you to rent for a family tour in Uganda;

Safari Land Cruiser (HardTop, VX and V8)

Land Cruiser HardTop (Extended Version)

Land cruiser is perfect for family trips particularly for wildlife safaris in one of Uganda’s savanna national parks such as Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park or Kidepo Valley National Park and many more. It accommodates 5-8 people and it is a four wheel drive car destined for safaris and outdoor camping in Uganda. It comprises of a pop up roof making it the ideal choice wildlife viewing experiences in the park. Some come with mini-fridge and fully air-conditioned.

Toyota Prado (TX, TZ, GX)

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado accommodates up to six (6) visitors comfortably and it features many gadgets that can keep at home along the way especially the FM radio station, Mp3 and CD player and an air conditioner. If you are organizing for self drive tours, guided safaris, weddings, conference meetings, family holidays and airport transfers in Uganda, consider the Land Cruiser Prado in your itinerary. If you are visiting national parks for game viewing, some Prados have pop-up roof or sun-roof.

Land Cruiser TX, Manual Gear, With Pop-up Roof

Toyota super custom

4×4 Super Custom

The Toyota super custom takes up to 7 people and it is destined for safaris as it comes with a pop up roof or sunroof suitable for wildlife viewing in the savanna areas. It also features better air conditioners both front and rear and luxurious boot to take all what you need in the field. The Toyota super custom is also a 4 by 4 van and is capable of navigating through the rural areas.

Safari minivan

For visitors who prefer sightseeing safari tours consider the safari minivan. It takes up to 9 people and it has a pop up roof which is ideal for wildlife safaris in Uganda. As well, it consists of an air conditioner, comfortable seats and enough cargo space in the rear and roof top.

Coaster minibus

For wedding events, introductions ceremonies or company member getaway holidays, the Coaster minibus is the ideal choice hire. It accommodates larger numbers at once and they can be hired together with an experienced and professional drivers and guides with enough knowledge concerning each and every corner of Uganda. They take between 25 – 35 passengers, some are 4wd and highly recommended for safaris in Uganda.

Saloon car

A saloon car is small passenger vehicle and usually features in form of a three box body with separate engine, passenger and cargo compartments. It has rows of seats with enough space in the rear for your cargo. A saloon car comes in a four door and it is capable of carrying up to 4 or more people on city safari, family safaris, weddings, parties, events and conference meetings and many more.

Toyota Rav4

4 Door Toyota Rav4

Our Toyota Rav4 are a 4 x 4 cars and they can take between 2 (two) and 4 (four) people. It consists of air conditioners and comprehensive insurance. It comes with the best SUVs, adequate space for visitor luggage, economical when it comes to fuel consumption and a full time 4 wheel drive car. It is ideal choice for visitors on self drive holidays in Uganda, conference, city tours and conference meetings.
In conclusion, for the perfect family safari in Uganda, we have a list of comfortable and best cars for you to hire to help you achieve your dreams in this spectacular destination. With kids, don’t miss electric cooler box and baby seat i you have a baby on board. With the above list, we believe that you won’t be left out of choice.