6 dishes for your Uganda camping Safari

Uganda Safari Camping dishes

Whenever you consider a self drive safari, camping is one of the things to include on your bucket list. It gives you the opportunity to go on off the road unbeaten paths without worrying about accommodation.

Camping gear for accommodation may vary from roof top tents; dome tents and portable bush tent among several accommodation gears. All these types of accommodation carry along items such as cooking gas cylinder, kitchen ware, cutlery among several items come along.


Rolex is a Swiss luxury watch brand however in Uganda; Rolex is not simply a watch brand rather a tasty fast food. In Uganda, whenever you mention the word Rolex, it is usually in reference to an omelet rolled in a chapatti.

The Rolex is the commonest snack you can pick on almost any street in Uganda. With a frying pan, and a gas cooker in your trunk, you only need some basic baking skills to make the dough for chapatti. See our 4x4uganda Rolex Recipe.


Rice is one of the easiest foods to prepare while on a self drive with camping safari. Meat is usually unpopular in some camping sites, therefore to be on a safe side; you might need some skills to prepare vegetable sauces. 

The quality of the food produced is determined by the type of rice you choose.


Pasta is one of the foods you can get from almost any supermarket in Uganda. While on a self-drive, pasta should me one of the foods to prepare for yourself.

It can be prepared in less than thirty minutes alongside vegetable sauce.

Matooke (Bananas)

Matooke is one of the commonest food in Kampala. Preparing it is a beat tricky but you can go for the simplest one; all you need is buying peeled bananas from the market and boil it with plain water after which you can add some vegetable sauce.

Alternatively, you can prepare beef stew and throw in the peeled bananas and cook for 20-30 minutes. This dish is also called Katogo. (Spoiler alert: these are unripe bananas)

In case you love the sweet bananas, you can buy “Gonja” from the market which can also be boiled without peeling or peeled, chopped and deep fried.

With a proper recipe, bananas are some of the food to try out your local cooking skills against all odds.

Fried Cassava

Just like matooke, you can buy peeled cassava from the market. Depending on your interests, you can make cassava fries or crisps just for your breakfast.

American pancakes

American pancakes have a simple recipe, which makes them one of the simple snacks you can prepare on your camping safari anywhere in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

However in Uganda, we also have our pancakes; they are made out of sweet ripe bananas (almost fermenting bananas) with either cassava flour or wheat flour. You are likely to detest it in case your recipe goes wrong.