5 Tips for choosing a car for Self drive

5 Tips for choosing a car for Self drive

Self drive/ self guided drive safaris have become more popular not only in Tanzania and Kenya but also in Uganda and Rwanda. The freedom and flexibility that comes with self drive safaris is making it a better option over guided safaris.

At times not to miss out on the snippets of the tour guides, some tourists often opt for car hire with a driver. Getting car hire services in Uganda is not often a walk in the park; it is for this reason we are offering you a few tips to consider in case you are looking forward to a car rental for self drive or with a driver.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Most established companies ask for a certain commitment fee to confirm your reservation. The commitment fee acts as a deposit to avoid no show clients who often arise as a result of getting better offers at the last minute.

Though some companies declare a free cancelation policy on their website, there are terms and conditions involved. For instance carrying forward your deposit to a future date may also be alluded to as free cancelation to some car rental service providers in Uganda.

Therefore; always inquire about the company’s cancelation and refund policy before making any deposit. Companies without a commitment fee give you an opportunity to book and cancel at anytime in case of any better offer.

Prices (Compare price quotations)

Though it may seem very simple to rent a car in Kampala Uganda, there are chances of you getting charged above the standard rate. In this regard, it is advisable to request for quotations from several companies and compare the price quotations.

We advise you to take the average not the least price; the least is questionable on the quality of services they might offer you and the maximum rate is likely to be of a company borrowing cars from companies that are already in business at an operator’s rate.

The average rate is the rate that most of the companies are willing to take in case you ask for a discount. With the average established, you can pitch for a discount based on the number of days.

Destination/ Itinerary

The destination greatly influences the type of car to hire, for instance in Uganda; most of the car hire operators cannot offer you a Rav4 in case you have Kidepo valley national park on your itinerary because of the rough roads in that park. This also applies to most of the Tanzanian safaris.

A land cruiser TX/TZ is often considered as the minimum option there is in case someone is planning a safari in Kidepo valley national park, Pian Upe game reserve, and most of the game park in Tanzania

Duration of the Hire

Any hire of 11 days and more can get you a good discount depending on the season. July, August, December and January are often peek months in East Africa making the car hire rates relatively competitive.

Therefore the length of the car hire period has to be paired with the corresponding months before setting out to pitch for a discount. In fact during the peak months the car can even be charged at a relatively higher price compared to the normal rates.

Pick up and drop off policy

Car rental prices are always influenced by the pickup and drop off locations. For instance; you might have to chip about US$250 excess to cover up for Kigali Rwanda pick up or drop off.

The beauty with these charges is; they are negotiable. Companies often offer up to 15% discount on drop offs and pickups outside Kampala and Entebbe in case you are hiring for 15 days or more.