Yebo Safari camp-Murchison Falls National Park

Yebo Safari camp

Safari experiences are often determined by your expectations. Whenever expectations are met or exceeded; you can conclude that you had an amazing trip. There are often three factors that determine whether you are having a luxurious, budget of mid range safari; that is; accommodation, transport and meals.

However there are often no special treatments in cultural and community tours even in regard to accommodation. You can still have the best of camping accommodation as well as bandas in Murchison falls at a fairly good price. This is where Yebo Safari camp becomes one of the best options to consider for your accommodation in Murchison falls national park.


Yebo Safari camp is located 5km from Murchison falls national park Mubako gate. This makes it strategically located for a boat trip and a good inception point for a Murchison falls game drive.

Bar and Restaurant

Yebo Safari camp has a bar and restaurant making it a special final destination after a long trip. You are always assured of meals and drinks at friendly prices.

Camping Ground and Bandas (Cottages)

Yebo Safari camp offers camping space and camping gear in case you prefer finding camping gear on site. Their cottages are self-contained giving you a special feel of self-contained African cottages.

Responsible Tourism-Murchison Falls National Park

30%of all the  profits generated from the cottages go back to the community for skills development, educational tourism to enhance conservation, as well as community tourism. Supporting such places does not only give you a special experience of Murchison falls national park rather defines the value of preserving Murchison falls national park.

Yebo Safari Camp Contacts

Phone+256 772 637493