Mabamba Swamp; Hotels, Lodges And Home-stays

Mabamba swamp is one of those tourism sites that are off the popular tourism circuits Uganda has to offer. Unlike places like the Equator which people often visit simply because it can easily accessed during their transfer to the main destinations such as Bwindi impenetrable forest national park; Mabamba swamp requires you to take a deliberate decision in order to visit.

For this reason, it is relatively hard to find accommodation around Mabamba swamp during a self drive Uganda safari. Not because there is actually no accommodation; but because it is not a very popular destination. Here are some of the accommodation options to consider in case you are self driving to Mabamba swamp.

Nkima Forest Lodge

Located on the edge of Nkima forest, the lodge is by far the best option for anyone who considers to visit Mabamba swamp. It is the closes lodge to Mabamba swamp. With major emphasis on eco-tourism, the stunning views of the lodge are only a tip of the icebag. 

Carlos And Lilian’s Home

The homestay has two rooms available for guest. It might not be an option for groups of 3 and above. The Homestay is located about 11 km from Entebbe town. It can be accessed by taking a ferry from Nakiwugo in Entebbe or dive via Kasanje road

Sundiata Resort Beach

Sundiata Resort Beach is one of the few beaches in Uganda located outside Entebbe. However much it is considered by many people to be located in Entebbe, but it will take you more than an hour’s drive from Entebbe town to Sundiata Resort Beach.

The Resort is located in the Locality of Carlos and Lilian’s Homestay. It would be a recommend escape in case you are spending your night at Carlos and Lilian’s homestay.

Plastic Bottles House

The plastic bottles house cottages are some of the exceptional places to stay in case you are to visit Mabamba Swamp. It is often recommended to keep in touch with the lodge before your travel. Due to the pandemic; most accommodation providers seem to be less prepared for guest. Keeping in touch with the lodge will save you from getting your trip ruined


Buvi Lodge

The lodge is located at the end of the road with stunning views of Lake Victoria. The silence at this lodge is one thing that stands. You should not expect any traffic noise however much you will be just a few kilometres from Kampala. If you just need a place to relax and recharge; Buvi lodge is the end of the line.

However; it should be noted, anyone planning a visit to Mabamba lodge should put in mind the transfer time to Swamp. It might take you close to an hours.

Mabamba Swamp Car Rental Options