Hotels With The Best Lake View Around Entebbe

Entebbe, the former capital City of Uganda is one of the main go-to places for everyone considering a relaxed overnight stay. Among the reasons that Entebbe stands out is its proximity to the iconic Lake Victoria.

There are several things that people look out for when choosing accommodation. Among these include but are not limited to the good ambiance of the place, the cost of accommodation, accessibility, and proximity to the airport among several other criteria. Here are some of the places in and around Entebbe that you can consider for your stay in case you are interested in a place that has a good lake view.

Avocado Bay Private Retreat

Avocado Bay is one of the few places where silence accompanies the great views of Lake Victoria from the comfort of your room. The Place is located 12km from Entebbe. For those connecting from Kampala using the old Entebbe-Kampala road, it is just 16km from the city.

Their budget range is between $70 and $120 per night. Rates vary according to whether it is on full board basis or a half board basis.

Protea Hotel Entebbe

Protea Marriott Entebbe is the closest Hotel to Entebbe International Airport. It has a beach and a swimming pool where you can sit and watch the sun setting. They also have lake-view rooms. Their rates also vary according to the time of the year but roughly $250 per night could get you a good room.

Aquarius Kigo Resort

In Uganda, there are four most popular hotels; Serena Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Hotel Africanna, and Protea Hotel. But if we are to be fair, Aquarius Kigo Resort rightly matches the quality and services that these top hotels have to offer. On top of that, they have amazing lake-view rooms.

The hotel is located quite a distance from Kampala but it can easily be accessed if you opt for the Express highway instead of using the old Entebbe-Kampala highway.

Divine Resort And Spa

Divine Resort and Spa is one of the places that can even be ranked as Serena Kampala. It is located in less than a five minutes drive from Gaba town. It is one of those places that offers the best views of lake victoria without the need to board a boat. It is one of those places that can give you a close feel to the Pineapple bay experience.

Sky Beach Hotel Entebbe

Sky Beach Hotel might not be a popular name in the ears of many people however it is one of those places where you can relax for a weekend. It is isolated and quite making it a good place to relax and recharge.

Other honorable mentions include; 2 Friends Hotel Entebbe, Sienna Becah Hotel Entebbe, Garuga Beach Resort, Park Shoebill Entebbe, Pineapple Bay Entebbe, Country Lake Resort Garuga, La Feve Hotel Entebbe, Oslo Gardens Entebbe among several others.

In case you are considering a self-drive trip in Uganda, you might have to park the car at the Wildfrontiers dock in Entebbe and then proceed with a boat to the island. However, if you are visiting the Kalangala islands, you can take a ferry.