Entebbe Hotels of $50 and Below

Entebbe town is usually the first or last stop for most of the people leaving or arriving in Uganda. Among the things that people often look out for when they arrive in Entebbe are accommodation, banks, and restaurants.

There are quite a number of places to stop for a meal in Entebbe. Victoria Mall is currently the most popular place. But there are also a number of guest houses and hotels in Entebbe that serve walk-in clients. You should not be limited to eating at Victoria Mall alone. In less than 2km from Victoria Mall, you can also grab a meal at the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center.

In regard to the banks, Entebbe town, and Victoria Mall are mainly the go-to places. However, if you just need quick cash, Total and Shell fuel stations have Interswitch ATM machines that allow withdrawals with international cards too.

Entebbe Hotels

Entebbe offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and warm hospitality that appeals to a wide range of travelers. Whether you are a budget-conscious visitor or someone looking to maximize your vacation budget, our travel advisory introduces you to the selection of “Entebbe Hotels of $50 and Below.”

In this guide, we will explore some of the best affordable accommodation options in Entebbe, ensuring that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay without straining your wallet. From cozy guesthouses to budget-friendly hotels, Entebbe provides a variety of lodging choices that cater to your budget while delivering an authentic and memorable experience in this remarkable town. Here are some of the lodges to check out more if you are considering renting a car for self drive in Uganda.

Anna’s Place Entebbe

Anna’s place is the locality of Hummingbird Camp, Hotel N0.5, and Cycads guest house. Having shifted to a new location, Anna’s place is now in a more spacious location than its former location.

In case you are considering a place where you can take a day room before continuing to the Airport, Anna’s place is one of those ideal places. Their rates are also favorable for budget travelers.

Viavia Guest House

Viavia Guest House is one of the most popular places to spend a night in Entebbe. Besides the good accommodation reviews, it is highly recommended for anyone interested in a live band. They have performances at their restaurant three times a week.

It is located within a 2km radius from Victoria Mall which will make it easy for you to go shopping. Whether you have a midnight flight or merely considering a few community activities, Viavia is one of those places that will organize all that for you with ease.

Migingo Suites Entebbe

Migingo Suites has been the cheapest place to stay in Entebbe for a couple of years. It used to charge as low as $15. However, when they penetrated the accommodation market, they revised their prices.

They offer good accommodation. The only thing that most people have complained about is the road that connects to the hotel. However, though the road is not in perfect condition, it is still accessible regardless of the weather.

Blue Monkey Guest House

Blue Monkey offers simple and cozy overnight stays. Similar to making guest houses, the services are often good simply because they only handle a few clients which makes it very possible for them to give you all the necessary attention.

Similar to Viavia Entebbe, Blue Monkey Guest House is one of the only places in Entebbe where you can have a glamping experience. The only difference between Viavia and Blue monkey is the higher number of rooms at Viavia and the availability of camping space at Viavia.

At Blue Monkey, though they offer glamping, there is no other camping option. You cannot carry your own tent to Blue Monkey Guest House.

Skyway Hotel

Skyway Hotel is located in the locality of Guinea Fowl Guest House. It is a very quiet locality, you should not expect any traffic noise. They have a spacious compound where you can sit and read in case you are the kind that is fond of reading.

It is one of the hotels within a 15-minute drive to the airport.

Alison and Dave Guest House

This is also a good place to spend a night. The road access to this place has also improved. It is more like the Blue Monkey Guest House Road access.

Regarding the services, it is a quiet place. You will appreciate your stay in this place. However, they have dogs. If you are not comfortable with dogs, then you should not consider this place.

Oslo Gardens

Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, Oslo Gardens is one of those places that are designed to fit the local market. It will likely have parties on weekends. The place is not noisy but it can of course get noisy in case they are hosting a party but besides that, their services are really good.

Regarding road access, it is one of the places that has the worst road access more so on a rainy day. I would compare it to Migingo suites. But regardless you can still reach the hotel regardless of the weather.

Elementis Entebbe Guesthouse

Located in the locality of La Feve and 2 Friends Hotel; Elementis Guest House is quite a nice place to stay. There are three roads that lead to this place and one of them is well-paved. The Guest House is also located within a walkable distance to Victoria Mall.

It does not have a very big compound but it is spacious enough for relaxation. Regarding the room service, our clients have not had any issues with this place.

La Feve Beach Hotel

Located opposite 2 Friends Beach Hotel, La Feve is one of the places that are highly recommended for any budget travelers. Its location makes it easy to connect ATM machines as well as do shopping at Victoria Mall.

Our clients have really liked the place. However, in regard to the compound, it is smaller compared to Elementis Guest House.

Gorilla African Guest House

African Gorilla Guest House is one of the few accommodation places in Entebbe that have very good road access. Their road has just been worked on recently. However, though the road that connects to this guest house is in good condition, it does not take away the fact that this place is not as spacious as most of the other hotels on the list.

In terms of space, I would compare it to La Feve Beach Hotel. And in terms of service, you should expect basic services given it is a budget place.

Hummingbird Camp

Hummingbird is in the locality of Hotel N05 and Anna’s place. In the same locality, there is an army barracks. This is a very good place to spend a night because it is very quiet. It is also within a 15-minute drive to Victoria Mall.

It is one of the few places in Entebbe where you can be allowed to camp.