Best Hotels To Consider in Jinja This Year

Jinja is one of the leading stops for anyone considering adrenaline adventures in Uganda. The city is popular for Bungee jumping, white water rafting, and kayaking among several other water-related adventure activities.

To explore the best of Jinja beyond the common adventure activities, you will need a place to stay capable of giving you that peace of mind that is relatively scarce in this present generation. We recommend anyone intending to have the best of Jinja city at least plan to stay in Jinja for a minimum of five days. This will give you enough time to relax as well as to explore Jinja.

It is very common for travelers to end up very exhausted in an attempt to be everywhere in the shortest time possible. However, to have the best of any trip, you must minimize the time you spend on the road and maximize the time you spend in your intended destinations. Of course, we cannot rule out the fact that some journeys to the destinations are more thrilling than the destination itself.

Even though Jinja is not very far from Kampala and Entebbe, the road network connecting Jinja to Kampala is often overcrowded. The traffic can sometimes make the journey that would have taken 3 hours turn into a six or seven-hour journey on a bad day. With such possibilities, you will need accommodation that will give you an environment good enough for you to relax. Here are some of the hotels to consider for your stay in Jinja.

Lemala Wildwaters Lodge

Whether you have heard of the name”Wild Waters Lodge” or just seen something that looks like a swimming pool in the middle of the river Nile, it is hard to talk about accommodation in Jinja without giving Wild Waters Lodge its flowers. It is visually the most stunning lodge in Jinja. However, if you are afraid of water, then it might make you a little bit uncomfortable.

To access the lodge, you will have to board a boat. For those who have vowed never to step on a boat then this place might get you thinking twice. But with its beauty, also comes a cost that is likely inconvenient to many. But good things are never cheap. If you have the budget, it is highly recommended to spend at least two nights at this Island hotel in the middle of the raging Nile.

The Haven River Lodge

Haven is more of the people’s choice to stay in Jinja. No place caters to almost every budget like The Haven River Lodge. They have a campsite for both ground camping and rooftop tent camping; they also have cottages for both families and couples.

Though the lodge is not architecturally stunning; its environment is what sets it apart. It offers great views of the Busowoko waterfalls; one of the major waterfalls that make up the Jinja rafting experience. It is never quiet at Haven, the waterfall will continually be in the background. However, it is not too loud to the point that you cannot hear each other.

Their restaurant is also one of those places where you can just sit and watch the Nile making its way to the rest of Africa. The ground compound is large enough for the kids to play. The lodge is ranked the number one family lodge in Jinja. It is one of those places you can always visit regardless of your budget.

2 Friends Hotel Jinja

Most of the stunning places in Jinja are often located strategically to enhance views of the Nile. However, for those who wish to find a place not far from the Jinja town center, then 2 Friends Hotel Jinja is that place. Similar to the above two places, they also have a swimming pool. The place is very quiet and their food is nice.

In case you are the kind that is interested in a spacious room, they have private rooms where no one will ever interrupt you while resting. The private room has its block. It has a dining table as well as a conference meeting table. It is a room recommended for the family.

However, you have to make sure your kids know how to swim. The private room has a private swimming pool on the balcony. Given the fact that no one goes to the private room unless you have called them, your kids can easily wander off into the swimming pool. Most of the time, people who stay in a private room only get room service upon request. No one ever interferes with your privacy once you book their private room.

Jinja Nile Resort

Nile Resort is one of the oldest hotels in Jinja. It serves a mixture of clients. Though most of the hotels shared here mainly serve tourists, Nile Resort is popular among tourists and people who seek to attend conferences in Jinja.

What stands out is its views of the Nile, availability of a swimming pool, and last but not least, its forest-like environment. On top of the breeze of the great river Nile, the environment is always fresh because of the forest-like setting. It is rare to find someone who spent a night at Nile Resort disappointed.

Surgios Guest House

There are quite many places in Jinja that have great Nile views. If we are to rank hotels based on river Nile scenery, then Surgios Guest House is one of those places that can easily fit in the top five hotels with the best views in Jinja.

The guest house is green throughout the year. It is one of those places where you will not simply be confined in your room rather you will have enough time to sit and relax in their compound. They also have a swimming pool for those who love relaxing at the poolside. Surgios is highly recommended for anyone considering a night stay in Jinja.