Best Hotels In Kampala 2024

Best Hotels in Kampala

Kampala, the vibrant capital city of Uganda, is a melting pot of culture, history, and nightlife.  There are not many high-end hotels in Kampala and for this reason, the choices are often limited. The list of high-end hotels in Kampala comprises only a few hotels. Some people have still found the same hotels providing nothing exciting besides what is basic but good quality.

This article will delve into the intricacies of accommodation in Kampala, providing insights, tips, and recommendations to help you make informed decisions and ensure a memorable stay in this dynamic city. Whether you’re planning a short visit or an extended stay, join us as we unravel the secrets of finding the perfect home away from home amidst Kampala’s bustling streets and warm hospitality.

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort is the biggest hotel in Uganda with a total of 477 rooms. It has 292 Single/double deluxe rooms, 45 superior rooms, and 55 executive rooms. It has a total of 70 suites. Four of these are presidential suites while eleven are one-bedroom suites.

Besides the accommodation side, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort is located on the shores of Lake Victoria. It has a Marina and an equestrian. Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort is one of those recommended places for those interested in sport fishing. The hotel is very accessible both from Entebbe and Kampala

Kampala Serena Hotel

Kampala Serena Hotel is among the most respected 5-star hotels in Uganda. Located in the heart of Kampala, the ever-green oasis is among the few hotels in Kampala with more than 100 beds. It is popular for hosting events ranging from music concerts to wedding receptions among several other events.

The hotel is not very accessible given its location. You will likely encounter a minimum of 3 hours of traffic jam if you choose to access the hotel around 7:00 pm. It is in the same locality as the Sheraton Hotel.

Sheraton Hotel Kampala

Sheraton Hotel Kampala is the second biggest hotel in Uganda. It has 233 rooms. It is also among the few hotels where you can get a clear view of Kampala city center. The rates of Sheraton are relatively lower than those of Serena Hotel.

Sheraton Hotel is also not very accessible during rush hours. The road that connects to the hotel is always used by many commuters who work in the city center.

Latitude 0 Degrees

Latitude 0 degrees is among the most unique hotels in Uganda. It is distinguished by its antique decor all around the hotel. It is very spacious and only allows access to residents. It is quite a very private hotel that tries its level best to maximize the privacy of its customers.

Unlike Serena Hotel and Sheraton Hotel, Latitude 0 degrees is located outside the city center. It can be accessed through the Kampala-Entebbe Express highway. If you connect through Kibuye roundabout, you will surely face a lot of traffic jam during rush hours.

Mestil Hotel

Mestil Hotel and Residences offers the most unique services compared to all the other top hotels in Kampala. It offers both hotel services and serviced apartment services. For anyone who considers a long stay that is more than a month, Mestil is the best option.

Mestil Hotel has only one road leading to it. Connecting to this hotel during rush hours is often tricky but their services can always compensate the delay.

Kabira Country Club

Kabira Country Club is under the same ownership as Speke Resort Munyonyi. It is a very accessible hotel with more than three roads leading to the same hotel. If you intend to spend your time at Kabira Country Club, Kampala traffic jams will not be an issue for you. It is a very good hang-out for those who love playing football.

Protea Hotel

Skyz Hotel Nagura is under the management of Marriott. It is among the biggest hotels in Kampala with over 140 air-conditioned rooms. it is in the same locality as Kabira Country Club, the only difference is that Skyz is uphill while Kabira Country Club is down hill. At Skyz, you are guaranteed to have the best views of Kampala.

The hotel is also very accessible. It is located in a place that does not suffer a lot from Kampala traffic jam.

Cassia Lodge

Cassia Lodge is located in Munyonyo on the shores of Lake Victoria; the biggest freshwater lake in Africa. Similar to Munyoyo Commonwealth Resort, you can easily connect to Casia Lodge through the Kampala-Entebbe Express highway. The hotel is very accessible, you will not have to worry about traffic jam if you are spending the night at Casia Lodge.

The lodge has a total of 20 rooms which means it is less congested compared to all the other hotels on this list. It is among the few hotels that you can easily access on a self-drive trip in Uganda.

Golden Tulip

Golden Tulip Hotel is located within the city center. It is in the same locality as Fairway Hotel Kampala. From Golden Tulip Hotel, you can easily connect to the Sheraton Hotel and Serena Hotel. They are all within a 5km radius. It has over 100 rooms. It also offers great views of Uganda’s capital Kampala.

When compared to Serena Hotel and Sheraton Hotel, Golden Tulip is a more accessible hotel.

Hotel Africana














Hotel Africanna is among the three biggest hotels in Kampala. It has more than 250 rooms. It is very popular for hosting conferences and concerts. The hotel is not very accessible because it is located in the city. The roads that lead to Hotel Africanna are always prone to traffic jam. It is always recommended to visit the hotel around mid-morning or later in the night.