Best Hotels In Entebbe

Entebbe town is the main international gateway into Uganda. For purposes of convenience, many people often consider accommodation in Entebbe for several reasons. Some simply book day rooms to freshen up, others book rooms to sleep for a few hours before their late-night flight. Whatever the reason, it can be established that at one point someone might need to book accommodation in Entebbe for purposes of convenience.

Though most of the self-drive travelers often prefer Guesthouses in Entebbe, there are a few who prefer hotels.

There are not many upmarket hotels/lodges in Entebbe but there are quite many budgets and mid-range options. Whatever your budget might be, you will always find something that fits you in Entebbe. Here are some of the best hotels in Entebbe

Protea Hotel Entebbe

Protea Hotel is the most popular hotel in Entebbe. This is because of its proximity to Entebbe International Airport and its affiliation with Marriott. It is one of the few beach hotels in Uganda. The hotel has a total of 86 rooms.

K-Hotels Entebbe

Khotels is one of the most popular hotels in Entebbe; ranked number one by Tripadvisor due to its excellent services. Similar to Protea Hotel, Khotels is a roadside hotel within 15 15-minute drive from the airport. The hotel has a total of 48 rooms.

Imperial Heights

Formerly “Skyview Hotel Entebbe”; Imperial Heights is one of the hotels in Entebbe located in a very quiet place. Regardless of the time of the year, you will never be interrupted by loud music in this place. The hotel has a total of 33 rooms.

Imperial Resort Beach Hotel

Imperial Resort Beach Hotel is among the top five biggest hotels in Entebbe. It is owned by the Imperial Group of Hotels. The hotel has a total of 181 rooms making it very popular for conferences.

Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel

Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel is located less than 3 kilometers from Victoria Mall. It is one of the most strategically located hotels in Entebbe. It is also located less than 2km from Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center Entebbe. The hotel has a total of 229 rooms making it the biggest hotel in Entebbe.

Imperial Golf View Hotel

Imperial Mall is one of the places in Entebbe that are very quiet, less busy, and at the same time offering comfort. It is located near the Entebbe State House. It is also less than 3km from Victoria Mall Entebbe. Imperial Golf View Hotel is located next to Imperial Mall. The hotel has a total of 174 rooms.

Lake Victoria Hotel

Lake Victoria Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Uganda. It is one of those few establishments that were constructed during the British colonial era (before Uganda’s independence). The hotel is located just opposite the state house in Entebbe. It is within a 15-minute drive to Entebbe International Airport. It has 124 rooms.

Admas Hotel Entebbe

Speaking of new hotels in Entebbe, Admas Hotel is one of those places that have not yet made a decade of existence. The hotel is located 50 meters from Lake Victoria Hotel. It has a total of 56 rooms.

Hotel Horizon Entebbe

Hotel Horizon Entebbe is also among the new hotels in Entebbe. It has not yet been 5 years. The hotel is located within a 1km radius from Khotels. It is located between Imperial Mall and Victoria Mall. It has a total of 33 rooms.

Best Western Premier Hotel Entebbe

Best Western Premier Hotel is located at Victoria Mall. It is one of the most convenient hotels in Entebbe located within a 15-minute drive from Entebbe International Airport. It has a total of 51 rooms.