Kigali at Night

Night Life In Kigali – Where to Go? What to Do?

Are you planning to travel to Kigali for your holiday? Kigali isn’t only famous for its day trips that most travelers flock for but it is credited for its amazing nightlife tours for visitors on Rwanda safari. If you are interested in nightlife, there is no need to worry as Kigali has got a lot more for you to explore depending on your travel interest. Like most cities, Kigali capital city features among the very few cities which do not sleep. A night in Kigali is just like the usual day time experience and there are several areas for you to explore while on your vacation, some of them include;


If you love clubbing then Kigali is one of the perfect places that you should consider in your travel plan for you to refresh yourself. Whether you want to dance the whole night or half night it is your choice. The notable clubs/bars for you to visit for nightlife in Kigali include;

KGL Fast Food, this is the quickest food restaurant slash bar and it is usually loud and busy. If you are looking for the perfect places for the weekend getaway, this should be one of the areas of interest in your travel plan.

Lemon tree, rosty’s club and joy time bar, These are 3 (three) amazing bars that are found in same area at Remera corner the lively side of Kigali.

Micha’s Bistro Café, this place looks strange in Kigali-usually comes with wired bars in Nyamirambo and comedians and filled with many seats. It is situated down slope just on your right behind the usual restaurant.

One love club, this is the best spot for reggae music lovers on safari to Kigali. Other places for you to find live music in Kigali include Fuchsia, plus 250, Hotel Mille Collines, Serena Hotel, Hilltop Hotel, Fantastic Restaurant, Tiamo, City beach, White horse and Rosty’s.

Papyrus, This is commonly visited by foreign travelers and other Rwanda native. The mix in life here makes it one of the perfect spot to relax at night. You can be at the restaurant or bar and you will still have the most enjoyable nightlife.

Sundowner, this is a perfect site for one to grab meals and drinks and after proceed to club in Papyrus Night Club. Other night clubs include Black and White Club just at Alpha Palace Hotel in Remera, Planet Club (KBC), Le Must, Crystal Club, Golemi, K-Club, Club Next,


These are perfect for travelers on nightlife in Kigali and you are interested in music. The notable places to visit include the Sky lounge on the rooftop of urban Bistro in Kiyovu, Legacy Lounge just inside Mille Collines in Kiyovu, Lounge Chillax at posh Nyarutarama, Republika Rooftop Lounge in Kimihurura and many more.

For Dinner and drinks, the commonly visited places for better food include Dolce, Green Corner, Panorama Tento Two, Caiman, Heaven, Via Veneto, Lalibela, Republika and others.

For sport watching, the notable places to visit include Car Wash, Chez Lando, Meze Fresh, Serena Hotel, Ozone Sport, Sport Zone Bar and others.

For parties, the prominent sites include Aloha Club near Caiman in Kibagabaga and Inema Arts

In conclusion, Kigali Capital City is not only credited as the cleanest town but also as the best destination for one to experience amazing nightlife that leaves travelers thrilled by lifetime experiences in most of its bars, lounges, clubs, live music, restaurants, art scene and many more. If you are planning a trip to Rwanda, never miss to check on one of the night clubs and experience what this country offers for the world in terms of nightlife experiences.