Best Places To Visit In Kigali

When you think about safaris in Rwanda, the first thing to come to your mind is mountain gorilla trekking and yet Kigali also offers refuge to the most outstanding attractions that are worth exploring while you are on vacation in Africa. Kigali is amazing on its own way and features among the most sought after tourist sites by most travelers on safari to East and Central Africa. Not only does this stunning city feature as the cleanest in Africa but also offers refuge to a number of historical sites most of which include the genocide sites and many more.

Kigali is Rwanda’s capital city and it features the most spectacular hills, lying between 4 ridges and valleys. While on your vacation, not only you will catch a glimpse at this stunning city in Africa but also amazing background of its rolling hills that describe it a Land of a Thousand Hills. Kigali is peaceful, calm and best for one to undertake a family vacation.

There is a belief that this incredible city was established by Dr. Richard Kandt in 1907. It is situated in Central Rwanda and covers an area of approximately 730 square kilometers and separated into 3 (three) major towns that include the Kicukiro, Gasabo and Nyarugenge. For visitors who are planning to embark on Kigali city tour, below are some of the perfect sites that shouldn’t miss in your travel itinerary;


This is one of the most sounding sites that you should consider a must to visit while on safari in Rwanda. Locally this stunning site is called the gangster’s haven. It is situated in southwestern side of Kigali and it is diverse and busiest center. Nyamirambo is famous for its huge number of Muslims and consists of several mosques especially major and largest mosque in the Land of a Thousand Hills. You will have the most enjoyable experience with its neighborhood that comes with several night clubs, shops that feature most of African fabric from the DR Congo, fresh food markets and its humble hospitable people.

Kigali city tower

Kigali city tower is situated in Nyarugenge town and features as the tallest structure in Rwanda. The tower features over 20 stories with many car parking space and multiple retailers which feature Nakumatt supermarket, 4 screen cinema, restaurants, radio stations, offices, bourbon supermarket and others. Kigali city tower was developed by Hatari Sekoko a Rwandan business man and the construction was conducted by Chinese engineers for a period of 5 years since 2006. It was opened in 2011 and features as the only skyscraper in Rwanda.

Hotel Rwanda (Hotel Des Mille Collines)

Hotel Rwanda is also famous as Hotel Des Mille Collines and features as one of the major highlights if you have ever heard of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. The hotel at a time offered refuge to most people though some of them still lost their lives in the bloody war. This hotel also appeared in the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ that was reflecting the genocide which claimed the lives of Rwandese given the tribal misunderstandings. You can add this hotel in your travel plan if you are planning to spend your next vacation in Rwanda or if you are planning to undertake city tour in Kigali or simply chill out in its most stunning gardens. The hotel was founded in 1973 and consists of more than 112 self contained and sound proofed rooms with good ambiance and many amenities.

Kigali genocide memorial site

The Kigali genocide memorial site features among the most remarkable historical sites in Rwanda. For visitors who want to explore more about the Rwandan genocide that took place in 1994. Thousands lost their lives during this period including the old, children and women. The Rwanda genocide was a terrific event that took place between the Hutus and Tutsis. Approximately, 250000 people lost their lives in this site and there are skulls of victims including rosaries, pictures, videos, shoes and many more.

Museum of National history

This historical site derived its name in remembrance of Dr. Richard Kandt, the first German resident in Rwanda and he established Kigali as a small colonial outpost that later expanded as Rwanda capital city. Kandt did much work in this incredible country most of which include spreading the coffee plants that spread widely in the nation. His home later turned to be a museum of natural history that consists of numerous geological exhibits to most of the travelers and other useful features in the museum.

The other area of interest is the Inema art center that comes with amazing sculptures, drawings, painting, molding, wood curving and many more.

Out side Kigali

Out of Kigali, there are other tourist destinations you can visit and return to Kigali on the same day. These include Volcanoes National Park, about 2 hours drive from Kigali capital. Among the tourism activities include gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, mountain hiking, musanze caves exploration and cultural tours among others. Alternatively, you can go to Akagera National park for fantastic game viewing, birding or boat ride on Lake ihema.

With the above discussion, there are several spectacular tourist sites that can make your holiday memorable in Rwanda. With the above listed places, we believe that you will have the best time while on your vacation in Kigali.