Top 10 Tips for A Self Drive Gorilla Safari in Uganda

Top 10 Tips for A Self Drive Gorilla Safari in Uganda

Many at times, when you are considering a self drive gorilla safari in Uganda, the basic information you are likely to be given are the different itineraries to consider for your self-drive gorilla safari in Uganda. These range from as low as 2 days, 8 days, 15 days among several other options.
In this article, we are going beyond the frequently asked questions to a few things that might make your self-drive gorilla safari in Uganda an exceptional one. Below are some of the tips to consider making your-self drive gorilla safari in Uganda exceptional;

  • Choose an Itinerary that Fits your Budget
  • Book your trekking Permits in Time
  • Only book accommodation after confirming the trekking Location
  •  Opt for Camping to save on Accommodation
  •  Opt for a Dry Season
  • Cook For Yourself
  • Physical Fitness
  • Weather Tips
  • Get good Travel Insurance
  •  See a Doctor Before Your Trip

Choose an Itinerary that Fits your Budget

It is often said that self-drive safaris are budget. However, you might end up opting for a self-drive safari that is way above your budget in case you choose a thirsty car or a car in poor mechanical condition. In case you are a budget traveler, the Land cruiser V8/VX should be one of the cars to avoid.

We recommend a Rav4 or a Land cruiser TX/TZ with a roof top tent for comfortable camping. These two options are fuel-friendly; you can be assured of a budget trip with these two.

Land cruiser V8 Self Drive Uganda

Land cruiser V8

Book your trekking Permits in Time

July, August, and January are the busiest months of the year. Booking gorilla permits more so in August might be tricky, it is often recommended to secure your August permits as early as January. By March; August and July are often fully booked.

The best month for a self-drive gorilla safari would be March, April, or November

Only book accommodation after confirming the trekking Location

One of the common mistakes is assuming that because you have a gorilla permit, you can Trek in any location of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. This is never the case; the park has four trekking sectors separate from each other. Though it might be possible to sleep in one sector and trek in the nearby sector, it is never recommended because this is a very high risk, possible to make you miss your gorilla trekking activity

It is therefore recommended that you book accommodation in the very sector you will be gorilla trekking in.

Opt for Camping to save on Accommodation

Gorilla trekking accommodation is one of the most expensive accommodations in Uganda. Hiring a car with a rooftop tent helps you to save on accommodation while sleeping in the comfort of your raised tent.

Opt for a Dry Season

Whether is often unpredictable in Uganda; it can rain on any given day. However, you are likely not to experience rain in some months of the year. These are usually January, February, December, and September.

Out of these four months, September is the most recommended. It is not as busy as August yet at the same time likely to be dry.

Cook For Yourself

One of the easiest ways to save on meals is cooking for yourself. Whenever you hire a car with camping gear; make sure they also offer you cooking equipment, cutlery, and kitchenware. This also helps you to eat food you are familiar with on a trip reducing your chances of having food poisoning in the middle of your trip.

Physical Fitness

Gorilla trekking is a walking safari that can last for over 6 hours. This implies your physical fitness is paramount in your enjoying this trip. Though people of over 70 years have enjoyed a similar safari physical fitness was the main contributing factor in their trip.

The worst part of your trip would be to be carried off by four strong young boys unconscious. Therefore it is recommended you try out one to three-hour hikes before attempting to gorilla trek.

Weather Tips

One of the clearest things about the weather in Uganda; Uganda never experiences winter or Summer; it rains and shines almost throughout the whole year. The only thing you need to know; it is cold in the morning (not icing cold) warm in the afternoon and cold in the night. The degrees tend to vary from one region to another.

In the case of Kabale and Kisoro where gorilla trekking is done, they can get as cold as 80c in the morning, 16occ during the day, and 10occ during the night

Get good Travel Insurance

It is unlikely that you will buy good travel insurance in Uganda, for the same reason, we recommend you buy travel insurance from either your home country or an international travel agent.

See a Doctor Before Your Trip

Before you set out on your self-drive gorilla safari, we recommend you see a doctor for several reasons;
One; mountain gorillas have a very close DNA to that of human beings thus sharing similar sicknesses more so those which are airborne.
Two; your health in terms of some of the medication you have to take before your trip to avoid any sicknesses that might come up. These include but are not limited to malaria medication.