Gorilla Permits Rescheduling Revised: Uganda Wildlife Authority

UWA Statement on Gorilla Trekking: COVID-19

2020 seemed to be one of the best years for Tourism in Uganda; big brands like Serena Hotel had had thousands of reservations far beyond the normal reservations until the outbreak of Covid-19.

Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking are some of the major tourism activities in Uganda that mostly require prior booking; for this reason, clients and tour operators have been eager to hear what Uganda wildlife Authority has to say about this matter. During the first weeks of march, Uganda wildlife Authority issued a statement allowing tour operators to reschedule up to 25th March 2021.

However much this communication was welcomed, it didnt favor everyone, thus many of the un-favored clients kept on hoping for something that would favor them. Below is the new statement from Uganda wildlife Authority allowing rescheduling of gorilla and chimpanzee permits up to March 31 2022. This gives tourists and tour operators a full year gap to reschedule their trips.

All Primate tracking safaris and filming safaris have been suspended up to 30th April 2020