Gorilla Filming & Habituation

Gorilla Filming Using Gorilla Habituation Permits

Did you know that you can as well use gorilla habituation permits to go for gorilla filming? Gorilla filming is undoubtedly one of the rarest experiences you need to be part of while on safari in Africa. To be part of this adventure, you must have a permit which you will obtain from a respective destination of choice. Besides, using the usual gorilla trekking permits, you can also use gorilla habituation experience permits. These permits are only available in Uganda the fact that mountain gorilla habituation experience is only conducted in Uganda and only in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This park lies in the southwestern side of Uganda just at the extreme edge of Albertine rift valley.

With gorilla filming, you get opportunity to enjoy incredible experiences with the rare apes and walk away when you are filled with authentic and lasting memories. Unlike the usual gorilla trekking permits, using gorilla habituation permits offer a chance to be with these unique creatures for 4 hours. Habituation experience is a new tourism product in Uganda and it is only conducted in Bushaho and Bikingi families in Bwindi Forest National Park.

If you are interested in filming gorillas in this national park then you must obtain a permit through Uganda Wildlife Authority or use a local tour operator and for this case, you can contact our reservationist and we shall be of great help to you. Gorilla habituation experience permits can be obtained at $1500 per person and you need to book one in advance to avoid disappointments. This cost applies for the foreign non-residents meanwhile the foreign residents and East African community residents pay $1000 and shs.750000 respectively.

Usually, Uganda Wildlife Authority requires about $4050 in order the filming contract to be reached. Using these permits is more advantageous the fact you have all the 4 hours to film the mountain gorillas unlike the normal treks where you have only an hour to be with these fascinating creatures. Perhaps there is no one who wants to spend less time with such rare apes and that is why we recommend you to use gorilla habituation experience permit.

What is unique about filming gorillas using these permits is that you will do it in the semi habituated families unlike if you used the usual trekking permits that take you to only habituated gorilla groups. Besides, you have enjoyable experience with less crowds because this experience is very strict and limited to very few visitors.

Besides Bwindi National Park, you can also go for gorilla filming in Mgahinga National Park still southwestern Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in northwestern Rwanda and Virunga National Park in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In case of any help or information on gorilla filming using gorilla habituation experience permits, how you can contract with Uganda Wildlife Authority to be allowed to go for this amazing experience, media card and kit clearing as well as other filming aspects that you must cover before the actual filming adventure in Uganda, you can contact our reservations team and we shall help you realize your dream in this magical country.