Getting to Bwindi Gorilla National Park

How To Get To Bwindi National Park For Gorilla Tracking?

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park became a reserve in 1942 and later, gazetted into a national park in 1991. In 1994, it was designated as the World Heritage Site. The 331 square kilometer protected was mainly established to offer refuge to its critically endangered mountain gorillas as well as incredible wildlife species. This park offers refuge to wildlife species such as over 350 bird species, 23 of which are endemic to Albertine rift.

The notable birds in this park include the rare African green broad-bill, short tailed and black faced rufous warblers, mountain masked and collared apalis, mountain and yellow streaked greenbuls, bush shrike, purple breasted, blue headed and regal sunbirds, black and cinnamon chested bee-eaters, western green tinker bird, Shelley’s crimson wing and others.There are also about 120 mammal species including forest elephants and other primates. Today, most tourists on Uganda safari mainly travel to this park for gorilla trekking and also other exciting activities. This conservancy area lies in the southwestern part of Uganda just at the edge of Albertine rift valley. This park can be reached both by road and air;

By road, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is reachable from Queen Elizabeth National Park in the northern side for about 2-3 hours’ drive. You can drive via Mweya-Kihihi-Buhoma. From Kampala via Mbarara for approximately 6-8 hours’ drive whereas those of you who will set off from Kabale town, you will spend about 1-2 hours’ drive to the south. Most of these routes converge at Butogota about 17 kilometers away from Buhoma entrance gate. A 4×4 safari car is recommended for those of you who are planning to visit this park for gorilla trekking safaris or any other activities especially when it a wet season. Nearly all routes converge at Butogota about 17 kilometers away from Buhoma entrance gate. Still, a 4wd safari car is recommended for road trips to this park.

Bwindi National Park straddles southwest of Uganda about 8-10 hours’ drive and you can reach this protected via Kampala-Masaka road. The other routes that take you up to this park start from Kampala to Kabale to Kanungu to Buhoma and on a tarmac road for about 414 kilometers to Kabale and this is about 5 to 6 hours’ drive.

From Kampala to Ntungamo to Rukungiri to Kihihi to Buhoma and this is usually regarded as the most convenient route and takes you via a tarmac route to Rukungiri and about 390 kilometers’ drive on murram road to Buhoma.

Others include Kampala-Kabale-Ruhija-Buhoma route or Kampala-Kabale-Nkuringo where you will take approximately 105 kilometers from Kabale town and this is about four hours’ drive via hilly and murram road. Most visitors spend a night in Kisoro town and then cover the 80 kilometers from Kabale to Nkuringo the night day if time doesn’t allow them to go directly to the park.

In conclusion, Bwindi National Park can be reached both by road and air. To get there, you need a 4 wheel drive safari car to help you navigate through the remote routes.