Booking Gorilla Permits For Uganda 2022

Booking Gorilla Permits For Uganda 2022

Have you ever tried to place a booking for gorilla permits for Bwindi impenetrable national park only to be told we are fully booked! There is a proper solution to that problem if only you consider the following.

One of the most asked questions by anyone planning to go gorilla trekking in Uganda for the first time is how much the gorilla permit costs? Gorilla trekking permits are $700 for foreign non-residents and $600 for foreign residents.

Whenever people find out the cost for the gorilla permits; they often proceed to budgeting for their tour without the perspective of which months are hard to secure gorilla permits and when is the timely moment for doing a booking.

Uganda being one of the emerging tourist destinations in East Africa; gorilla trekking is one of the activities on the fore front whenever individuals are planning a trip in Uganda.

July  and August have proved to be the busiest/ peek seasons for gorilla trekking in Uganda followed by the end of year; December and the two months on each of the edges of December. Many visitors have encountered a challenge of getting permits in July and August after following the “book at least a month earlier” principle

It seems most foreigners prefer to travel during summer or winter, thus marking the peek seasons for gorilla trekking in Uganda fall in the corresponding months for winter and summer.

Many at times, travel agents recommend the best seasons to travel to Uganda, but there are instances where someone has already scheduled to journey to the pearl and all they need to know is how best they can optimize their time in Uganda.

In such a scenario, someone just needs the assurance of not missing out on any of the land marks they would have already set for their journey. These may include activities such as gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking which may require prior booking.

This takes us to the most important question, when is the best time to book for gorilla trekking permits in Uganda?

To be specific, anyone booking for the months of July and August will have to confirm their booking at least in April. This is about three to four months prior the trekking. It is a common struggle for tourists to get bookings secured in May and June for July and August unless a permit resale arises which is never a guarantee.

Anyone willing to take chances can opt for resale opportunities that often limit your choices to only the available openings. There are often more openings for Mgahinga national park than they are for Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Besides, the best safari experiences in Uganda are commonly in the months of March and April. In these two months, the parks have a limited number of international visitors giving you ample space to explore to the beats without interference from other visitors like in the months of July, August, December and sometimes November, January, February and September.

Acquiring gorilla permits for the peek months early enough saves you all the trouble of adjusting your itinerary and travel schedule to later dates. It also grants you a wider range of options between Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park gorilla families.

When opting to take chances on resale permits, it is harder to acquire gorilla permits for groups of three and more than it is to acquire for pairs. The polite advice to groups of three and more would be securing gorilla permits for July in March and those for August as early as April or March.

Putting the above in consideration will save all the drama of adjusting itineraries, failure to visit your gorilla family of choice and change of flight schedules all for the sake of acquiring permits to certain destinations.