Best Souvenirs for Uganda Safaris

Every safari destination has things that differentiate it from other destinations. Most of the time it is the things that you can only find at that destination. Or if you are to find it elsewhere, it will be more expensive than it is in the destination of origin.

Souvenirs are some of the best ways to encapsulate your Uganda safari memories. Without community experiences, souvenirs simply become artifacts. But when you immerse yourself in the culture and the lifestyle of the people, you always wish to take back something that relates to and reminds you of the uniqueness of their culture.

Alongside the cultural and lifestyle-inspired souvenirs, here are some of the souvenir ideas to consider for your Uganda safari memories.


Most of the local jewelry you will encounter on Uganda safaris will be nonmetallic. You will not also find local jewelry made of precious stones rather you will find jewelry mainly made of beads. The designs are mostly inspired by mixing several colors as well as designing the beads themselves.

Courtesy photo by Karatunga

With the liberty in designs, you can get mainly bracelets and necklaces. This might also inspire you into buying some of the local garments to match your jewelry.

Wood carvings

There are usually two wood carving options to consider for mountain gorilla souvenirs. The small sculptures that you can put on your office table and the wall hanging souvenirs. The wall hangings can be put in your living room.

Among the other wood carving souvenirs to consider include; the sculptures of African women, and wooden art pieces.

Traditional clothing

Uganda, the pearl of Africa has over 50 tribes. Each tribe has its traditional wear that people rarely wear these days apart from wedding ceremonies. You might consider buying these as your Uganda safari souvenirs based on what you have more appealing and comfortable with you.

There are also modern local designs that rip off the concepts of traditional wear. These exist in categories of shirts, trousers, and scuffs among other traditional wear options.

Craft shoes

Craft shoes often rip off the ideas of Ugandan jewelry. It is quite common to find craft shoes that have bead designs that often match the jewelry designs. Craft shoes are some of the cheapest souvenir options for your Uganda safari experience.

Craft Sandals Uganda safari souvenirs

Typical safari hats

Safari hats are a gem on Uganda safaris. Besides the exotic ones, the best souvenir is the safari hat made of either bark cloth or banana fibers. Another common option is leather safari hats.

Local Basket

There are a number of basket options to consider for your Uganda safari souvenir. There is an option of a locally made laundry basket; it is relatively big to pack with you. The other option is the small baskets that are often used when serving food.

Handmade bags

Carry handmade bags with you back home after your Uganda Safari. The bag options include but are not limited to; handbags, travel bags, computer bags, backpacks, etc.

Decorative objects for the home

Carry souvenirs like decorative objects such as carpets, curtains, pots, lamps, and items. Some of these things have a cultural narrative that will stick with you after your Uganda safari. While many might keep talking about the landscape, with the decorative objects, your experience will be about the people.

Works of art

Charcoal and pencil art pieces of your best Uganda safari photos are common options for art souvenirs. With the help of your tour operator, you can get connected to some of the best artists in town for the best souvenir art pieces.

Musical instruments

Traditional musical instruments are also good souvenirs to carry with you from your Uganda safari and these include a drum, the Ugandan flute, a cow horn, or a traditional violin. The drums are often used for decor.