Entebbe 1 Day chimpanzee Experience

Entebbe Town

Entebbe is the main entry point into Uganda; whether you are on a business trip or holiday; you might have to consider a few places to relax, explore and peradventure learn something new regarding your environment.

Even without statistics, a guess might suffice if I am to say that more than 75% of the visits from Entebbe are school conducted. This implies that anyone who considers learning something scientifically educational, Entebbe should be that destination.

But what exactly can you learn from a trip to Entebbe? Entebbe is patched together by what I would be right to call a wildlife and conservation mosaic.

It has a forest; “Zika” still open for research, botanical gardens; “Entebbe botanical gardens”, Wildlife conservation centers; “Uganda wildlife education center”, “Ngamba Island”, and “Entebbe reptile village” that offer the best of education to the visitors.

Entebbe is the only town in Uganda where you can spot all these animals in less than three hours; Elephants, chimpanzees, Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Leopards, Serval cats, Hyenas, Giraffes, impalas, water-bucks among several other animals.

Someone might argue that these are simply caged animals, but this is not 100% true; Uganda wildlife education center has been a benchmarking conservation center because though it is considered a Zoo, 80% of the animals are not caged. Many Zoos around the world have learned this from Uganda and it seems to offer a better wildlife experience in the conservation education centers.

There are two major wildlife conservation and education centers; Ngamba Island and Uganda wildlife conservation education center Entebbe (UWEC). It is from these two locations that your 1 day Entebbe chimpanzee experience will be defined.

Uganda wildlife Conservation Education Center (UWEC)

Wildlife is one of the main reasons why people visit UWEC, however, you can focus your whole stay at UWEC by simply discovering the Chimpanzees. This might require you to consider the following;

Chimp close up

Sleep is sweet to the eyes, more so after a long day but you might have to oversleep against all odds for you to experience the Chimp close. It requires you to report to the center before 6:00 am for check-ins before proceeding to the morning chimp activities that the staff engage in before releasing them to their Island

UWEC Chimp Feeding

Chimpanzee is sensitive creatures when it comes to health, for this reason; you need clearance before getting in touch with them. In case you have been cleared, you can then participating in the activity of feeding the chimpanzees while they are on the Island.

This activity is also available for those who opt for Chimpanzee behind the scenes program. Chimpanzee feed on porridge, eggs, root tubers such as cassava and sweet potatoes, watermelons, sugar canes, and almost all the fruits that human beings feed on.

Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary

Ngamba Island is one of the most researched chimpanzee destinations in Uganda. Almost 95% of all known chimpanzee facts have been double proved at Ngamba Island.

Chimpanzee Feeding

Chimpanzees at Ngamba Island survive in a thick forest where they free range without any human interference. They feed on figs are all the fruits the widely grow in the forest, but like any animal group; it is survival for the fitness.

For purposes of survival of all the chimpanzees at the Island, they have routine feeding schedules to compliment whatever they feed on in the forest as well as to carter for those who cannot get anything to eat in the forest.

These feeding sessions also help the Ngamba Island team to monitor the chimpanzees as well as cage them in the evenings for examination. Over time, there are individual chimpanzees that have been separated because of their change in behavior and intellect.