Top Tent Jeep

4x4 Jeep with RoofTop tent

4×4 Jeep with Roof Top Tent


  • Diesel Engine, 3950cc
  • Manual & Automatic Transmission
  • Model 2000
  • Air conditioned
  • Air Bags
  • 1-2 Spare tires
  • Wheel spanner and Jack
  • Electric Cooler box
  • GPS
  • Road Maps

The 4×4 Root Tent Land cruiser has good room space, high ground clearance level and excellent pulling power.With Toyota Prado, you are miles ahead of others, available in both MANUAL and AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. Land Cruiser has two spare wheels, comes with a fridge, roof-hatch or sunroof, air-conditioner, high lift jack, big luggage cabin and camping equipments.