Should You Hire Personal Security For Your Trip In Uganda?

Hiring personal security personnel during a trip to Uganda or any other destination depends on several factors. Uganda is generally a safe country for tourists, and many travelers visit without the need for personal security personnel. However, due to the recent incident in Queen Elizabeth National Park, many people have started considering hiring personal security personnel more so if they are going to visit Congo-Uganda border territories.
But before you proceed with hiring security personnel for your Uganda safari, please consider the following tips so that you make an informed decision based on facts, not media-inspired fears. Here are some factors to consider:

Itinerary and Activities

Assess the nature of your trip and the activities you plan to engage in. If you’ll be visiting remote or less touristy areas, especially near the borders of Uganda and Congo,  you might have to consider additional security. However much, it is not common for terrorist attacks to happen in Uganda; you will feel extra safe to have non-uniformed security personnel for your safety.

Traveling Alone or with a Group

Solo travelers may feel more secure with additional security measures, while larger groups might provide a higher level of safety in numbers. If you intend to travel solo, then it would be wise to consider not visiting any places that have any safety alerts. If you choose to visit, then hire a personal security personnel. Though this might not be pocket-friendly, it is highly recommended to at least hire an armed ranger.

If you are traveling in a group, you will likely feel more secure if you stick to traveling in a group.

Personal Comfort

It is very common for celebrities and high-profile individuals to travel with personal security personnel. However, even when you are not a celebrity but you feel like you would feel safer having security personnel beside you, then you can consider one while bearing the cost in mind.

As we earlier stated, Uganda is generally a secure country. You will seem to be the odd man out among all other tourists since the majority of them will not see the need for personal security personnel. But if you feel more comfortable having one around you, then you should not be intimidated by what other people choose.

Local Advice

Before you proceed with reserving security personnel for your trip, consider advice from the local tour operator or lodge. These are the right people to ask about the places to avoid and the places to go to. As earlier said, Uganda is generally safe, and most tour operators will recommend you to visit several places without hesitation but if you feel like it is not secure enough, for your personal piece of mind, simply hire a security personnel.

Security Services

There are mainly two security options; personal security and hiring the services of an armed game ranger at the park offices. If you decide to hire personal security personnel, make sure to use reputable and licensed security companies or individuals with relevant experience. You might not have the expertise to verify their credentials but all this can be handled by your tour agent.

Common Safety Precautions

Even if you hire personal security, it’s still essential to follow common-sense safety precautions, such as avoiding risky areas, not displaying valuable items, and being aware of your surroundings. It is always wise to keep this in mind.

In most cases, tourists in Uganda have a safe and enjoyable experience without the need for personal security personnel. However, it’s vital to research, plan, and make informed decisions based on your specific situation and comfort level. If you intend not to hire the services of professional security personnel; we recommend that you stick to tourist areas.