Roof Top Tent Camping

Land Cruiser V8 With Rooftop tent

$110 to $125 per day

Land Cruiser V8 with a rooftop tent is one of the best off-road cars that has ever been made. With a 2 pax rooftop tent, you can conquer any off road terrain without worrying about where you will be sleeping. With a 4700cc petrol engine; you can conquer any nonstop long distance transfer

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Land Cruiser VX with Rooftop tent

$110 to $120 per day

The Land cruiser VX is the diesel version of the Land cruiser V8. It has a 4200cc diesel engine making it cheaper in terms of fuel compared to the 4700cc petrol engine of the Land cruiser V8. With a Land cruiser VX, comfort is guaranteed at a reasonable charge

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2 Prados Double rooftop tents

From $180 to $220 per day

Group self drive safaris will require you to have more than one car. In case you are on budget; the two Prados with double rooftop tents are the way to go. They are ideal for a group of 8 people attempting a self drive safari in Africa. Rates a subject to your hire tenure

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V8 With Double Rooftop Tents

$130 to $140 per day

The Land Cruiser V8 offers better comfort than the other safari Land cruiser. In order to maximize comfort; you can opt for a Land cruiser V8 with double rooftop tents instead of the Land Cruiser Prado with a rooftop tent. The Land Cruiser V8 also has a bigger trunk than the Prados

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Land Cruiser GX with Rooftop tent

$110 to $125 per day

The Land cruiser GX comes with a stick gear configuration making it the best choice for anyone interested in a stick gear safari car. It comes with 4200cc diesel engine making it more fuel-friendly than the Land cruiser V8 4700cc petrol engine. It also comes with a sunroof ideal for game viewing

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Prado With A Rooftop Tent

$85 to $100 per day

The Land cruiser Prado is the ideal budget car rental with a rooftop tent option. It can also be equipped with a fridge upon request at extra US$5 per day. The Prado comes with either a 2700cc engine or a 3400cc petrol engines. For the diesel engines, they are available with a 3000cc diesel engine.

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Rooftop Tent Camping Tips

  • Keep your sleeping bags in the rooftop tent in case you are driving on a dusty road
  • Avoid speeding, the car stability does not remain the same towards the end of your trip because of a few wheel-related issues that might arise during your trip.
  • Make sure you close off your rooftop tent very well to avoid dust or getting affected by rain during your drive
  • Always make sure that the ladder is locked before climbing into your tent
  • Do not smoke in the tent

Included in a full Camping Gear

  • A water proof tent
  • Camper chairs
  • Camper tables
  • Pair of Pillows at US$15 (upon request)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Mattress
  • Kitchenware
  • Cutlery
  • Electric Cooler box (depend on availability)
  • 45 Liter fridge at US$5 per day.
  • Gas cylinder/stove
  • BBQ grill

Land Cruiser GX with a Rooftop Tent

The Land cruiser Gx is a stick gear car. It comes with a rooftop tent without compromising the special views of a sunroof giving you an opportunity to take some of the most amazing safari scenes without stepping out of your car

4×4 Land cruiser GX, Manual Gear, 4200cc 1HZ Diesel Engine

45 Liter Freezer offered at US$5 per day in every 4×4 jeep

45 Liter Freezer, 24v

45 Liter Freezer, 24v

4×4 Rental with Rooftop Tent & A Fridge

We assist you to plan a perfect self drive safari in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania at a very affordable price. We now have 4×4 land cruisers with electric fridges and rooftop tents, offered with full camping gear.

Rooftop Tent Interior

Inside Root Top Tent – Very Clean and comfortable