Why Should You Hire a Porter on Gorilla Trek?

A trek to view mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is a breathtaking experience that requires you to have some physical wellness in you. So as soon as you are done booking your permit for gorilla trekking experience, you then engage in real planning. It is then time for you to arrange things like passports, items to consider in your packing list a mention but a few. However, the other thing that shouldn’t miss out is hiring a porter. Depending on your level of physical fitness and how many things you intend to carry during a trek, a porter services are ideally needed. To take part in this lovely experience needs you to have a moderate level of fitness and adequately prepare for it for more fun while on your trek.

Hiring a porter is something very significant the fact that porters help make your trek easier and more exciting. The other reason is that it is one way to help the locals benefit from eco-tourism which in return makes them embrace gorilla conservation and tourism in the area. Some of these porters are former poachers who have realized value in gorilla/wildlife conservation to their communities and taken initiative to help boost conservation practices. Hiring them is remarkably one strong way to help them and also make you safe while on a trek in the thick rain-forest. Usually, they do work for tips and never employed in the park and a tip to them is amazing thing you can do as this can help them meet the basic needs back at home. They help carry your items such as water, snacks, camera gadgets and also assist you hike through the challenging terrains while in search of your gorilla family in the wild. You can hire a porter at $10 or $15 however, at end of it all you can as well tip them as one way to appreciate the good service offered. Porters can be found within the park headquarters depending on which country you intend to pay a visit to do your treks.

Mountain gorilla treks are only conducted in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park which are suitably situated in southwest, Volcanoes National Park in northwestern Rwanda then Virunga National Park in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Today, there are only 1004 mountain gorillas that are left worldwide and can only be tracked while in their natural habitat and never can they be found in any zoo. A trek to view these fascinating apes is a wonderful wildlife experience that comes once in a lifetime. These creatures live between altitude 2200 and 4300 meters and this requires some physical wellness in you for you to make a complete hike.

You therefore need to be physically prepared as this can help you acquaint yourself with the landscape and terrains you are likely to encounter. Before your trek, be aware of the thick rain-forest and perhaps the muddy as well as steep slope areas where these treks take you through. Your trek may last you about 2 to 8 hours depending on a number of factors some of which include location of gorillas, nature of the habitat and your hiking speed.

Before actual trek, ensure that you have prepared adequately. Make the best use of the high elevation in your home country to train and at end of it all, you won’t have challenges in the strenuous hikes.

In conclusion, hiring a porter is one of the most significant things one can do for any plans to embark on gorilla trek in Africa the fact that this adventure takes you through strenuous terrains and dense vegetation cover.