Why Hire A Private Vehicle In Rwanda

For the previous years, Rwanda is ranked as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Africa due to its spectacular rolling hills and endowed cultures. Though the terrific 1994 Rwanda genocide could have had its own impacts in this remarkable country for a period of time, it was able to get out of this drama till some positive impact was realized and today, it features as one of the safest and most remarkable tourist sites that Africa offers to the world travelers. Depending on what your travel interests are in Africa bit guided safaris, self drive adventures, you will certainly realize that comfort when you hire one of our car rentals for your safaris in Rwanda.

This guarantees you safety while on your vacation in Rwanda compared to if you bumped yourself on public taxi or rather a bus which may come with its own strangers. You will enjoy the flexibility and freedom with private car rental and your African experience will entirely be awesome. Unlike the public means of transportation, with private car rentals, you have a chance to make stopovers at any your own pace and there are no issues of overloading.

Private car hire also assures travelers of their security and safety while in the destination as most travelers embark on a safari with people whom they are familiar with for instance family members or friends.

Though public transportation is relatively cheaper on its own way, however the comfort, safety and freedom that one gets when on private car hire is full of unforgettable experiences as travelers can have a chance to interact with their dear ones back home through email. Visitor safety is always our first priority because we need our clients to get the best experiences in their lives while on a road trip in Rwanda. Our car hire are well maintained, serviced after each time they return from safari before the next travelers take it up for their next vacation.

Our car hire services in Rwanda is registered and operate in various parts of East Africa including Uganda and we have stood for a test of time that makes us the reputable and experienced car rental company that will make you realize your dreams in Africa whether you are interested in 4×4 vehicle or luxury cars that suits within your travel need as a couple, family, solo travelers or even group tours. Though there many car hire agencies that provide the same services, you have to be keen when you are making your last decision on which car rental agency to deal with. Take note that the car hire company should have operating office and staff otherwise you will fall a culprit of fraud.

Our car hire services are reliable. Visitors can easily interact with us both online using our website and face to face by visiting our offices for any inquiries. Travelers on Rwanda safari therefore have a chance to get a car rental within the shortest time possible. Simply contact our receptionist and we shall be at your help.

With car rentals, travelers enjoy relatively affordable prices. We have a wide range of car hire each with pocket friendly costs which suit within travelers’ budget and travel interests. Simply check on different websites and you will find out more about the costs of car hire services to help you come up with rate that suits within your means.

Travelers also enjoy discounts and other special offers especially those who can hire a vehicle for longer period of time for instance two weeks or a month and beyond. This will help you cut down costs and you use that money for other things.

Our car rentals come with experienced and well trained drivers for one to hire with a car which all guarantees visitors that total safety while on a road trip in Rwanda. They have valid driving licenses, national ID card above all, they are very knowledgeable about the routes and location of attractions to be enjoyed in and around Rwanda.

There are variety of car hire services that are provided to visitors depending on your travel need whether you are a holiday maker or business visitor, either you are interested in self drive car hire, airport transfers, bridal cars or any events.

In conclusion, there are various reasons why you need to choose car hire services for your vacation in Rwanda and we believe the above listed ones will be of great help to you. Simply contact our receptionist and we shall be there to help you with the best and comfortable car that suits within your budget and needs.