Where you should go after the Covid-19 Epedemic Lockdown

Uganda destinations to visit after the Covid-19 Epedemic Lockdown

When I think about the lock-down state in many countries around the world, the following lyrics keep rolling in my mind; “you only need the light when it’s burning low, Only miss the sun when it starts to snow, only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low, only hate the road when you’re missing home………..”

It is now that there is limited movement, limited flights, countless trip cancellations and a lot of money lost due to the lock-down. But there is one thing that everyone would look up to after the lock down, finding a place they can walk to, drive to, or fly to feel the ultimate freedom.

There are a number of reasons you would consider an African self drive safari but this is what stands out. In this moment, many people need those sceneries of the mountain tops that they only dream of in the lock down, the freshness that can only be found in the tropical forests which you cannot still access during the lock down, the sound of the birds along river streams early in the morning, think of the thrilling freedom of the primates crossing from one tree to another or crunching on an afternoon forest meal.

All these have been locked up in the memory lanes that may sound like mere fantasies to those who have never gotten a face to face glimpse of them. It is for the same reason we have a few recommendations of where you should go at the end of the total lock downs of the world that is; if you make it to the other side safe and sound.

Bwindi impenetrable forest

For a long time, this forest has been recommended for gorilla trekking. But after the lock down, even a gorilla permit might be too expensive for you along with the accommodation around the park and everything necessary to track mountain gorillas. It is for the same reason we recommend a forest walk through the different trails in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park

The rivers that flow in this forest are refreshing and soothing, and though you would not have signed up for gorilla trekking, on a lucky day, you can spot the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, forest Elephants, Forest Buffaloes not forgetting hundreds of forest bird species that will make good forest music in your quiet time besides the rivers of Bwindi impenetrable forest.

The beauty with Bwindi impenetrable forest is; you can self drive to this park, and also camp near the forest. Here is the guide to get to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. This will help you have the flexibility that you will need after a long time of lock-down.

Sipi Falls

Anyone that has done a Google such on falls in Uganda have obviously seen Murchison falls and Sipi falls top the search. But why would we recommend Sipi falls above Murchison falls?

Murchison falls has the scenery that is really captivating, you will also spot a number of wildlife species along the river banks trying to drink some water but all this will be done with a group of strangers yet in this kind of travel; you need enough time by yourself to experience the world without any interruptions; partly one of the reasons self drive is recommended or hire with a drive.

The other option you may have to encounter Murchison falls; is driving to the top of the falls; which will deny you the most selling scene of Murchison falls where the water is gashing out the narrow gauge.

But when it comes to Sipi falls, you will walk through communities; giving you a chance to see how local communities are coping up after the terrible lock down; yet in this hike, you will see caves and more than two falls unlike in Murchison falls.

Murchison Falls

You might not see the wildlife like in Murchison falls, but you will have a enough time to walk, experience nature yet at the same time reflecting about life in harmony of how the local people have gotten themselves together to move on with life after the end of this terrible lock down.

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki has mostly been known for the Sempaya Hot springs; not to differ from the popular face of this park; we recommend it partly because of its hot springs but also the scenery in this valley. The walks in this park and upon the hills; will give you a good spot to take some of the most marvelous photos that you will always look back to.

Ugandan national parks are known for being un-crowded but even in that case; Semuliki tops as one of the least visited national parks in Uganda yet very accessible. Visiting this destination will obviously make you feel like you are free from the troubles of this world since it is separated from the normal visited places.

Rwenzori Mountains

It is unfortunate that Rwenzori Mountains are mainly known for mountaineering, but what about those who are interested in simply one or two days hikes! The good news is; some of the unique vegetation of the same mountain can be explored in one day or two days hike in these mountains.

We recommend them too not just for the scenery but also because of the proximity to all the above shared destinations apart from Sipi Falls.

Ssezibwa Falls  

It would be unfortunate for us to recommend Sipi falls which is on Uganda’s Eastern route and forget Ssezibwa falls. There are no surprises to really expect in this place apart from the waterfalls but one thing that is very captivating is the freshness in this environment.

Many people from all over the world often visit this location for mediation, prayer, picnics, camping and a lot more in that line partly because of the fresh atmosphere in this area. It would be the kind of atmosphere anyone would recommend after a long lockdown. However you might have to carry your own drinks and snacks to avoid the disappointment that may come with failing to find something to eat around the place simply because it has not been developed; it is still totally in its semi-natural state.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

If it was a music show, this would be a bonus track. Someone would be wondering how you could visit Uganda and fail to do even a single game drive; to settle that query; we recommend Queen Elizabeth national park due to the diversity of wildlife in this park as well as its proximity to Bwindi impenetrable forest, Semuliki national park,  Kibale forest national park, Fort portal crater lakes, and Rwenzori mountains.

You can do a morning game drive to spot most of Uganda’s antelopes including but not limited to; waterbucks, Bushbucks, Impalas, Uganda kobs among several other antelopes. It is also a popular destination for spotting four of the Africa’s big five; Lions, leopards, Buffaloes and African savannah Elephants.

We recommend a morning game drive, so that you can drive to Bwindi impenetrable forest for accommodation in preparation for your next morning nature walk.