Visa costs for Uganda Lowered!

News about the entry into Uganda

The cost of the formerly very expensive visa was reduced to USD50.

Whoever wanted to travel to Uganda so far, had to pay US$100 for entry Visa valid for 3 months. This was expensive and some times discouraged some visitors into Uganda. Note that, there is also East Africa Tourist Visa that costs US$100 and allows multiple entry into Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. This is fortunately changing now, because the government of Uganda has reduced the price of the Uganda visa by half, the entry costs with immediate effect only 50US $ per person.

Other changes for entry into Uganda

This is not the only innovation that the Ugandan government has made. At the beginning of July, an online tourist visa was introduced, which is the only way to apply for a visa for Uganda from 01 August 2017. The visas are no longer issued at the airports upon arrival. Therefore, every traveler to Uganda is advised to apply for Uganda visa online and pay on arrival.

You can find this form on the official website of the immigration office at the following link:

To apply, you will need a copy of your passport, a current, biometric passport and proof of a valid yellow fever certificate. If the application was successful, you will receive a letter by e-mail, which you must print out and take with you when you arrive.