Tips to get out of the slip?

Some people seem to think that will cope well in all conditions on the road, until they do not fall into the slip. Sometimes what appears to be a dry surface suddenly turns into a smooth surface of the mud or Ice and the car gets stuck. Sometimes it starts to spin on its axis, sometimes rolls off into a ditch and still other times changes the lane, and goes straight to the other cars coming from the opposite direction. The ability to dominate the car in such situations could save the lives of you and your passengers.rav4

You are going on a slippery surface for some time, everything is fine when suddenly your car starts sliding down one side. The first thing that you should remember is not to panic!

Second, come equally important issue is not pressing the brake to the end. Press brakes will lock the wheels and drive the vehicle further in the same direction. Also, turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction to you here will not help – the wheels will not have the grip so you can not get them to turn.

Instead of pushing to the end of the brake, push it a little bit, as you feel that you have no grip, press again and again – this is called the braking pulse. Keep doing this until the car starts to slow down.

At the same time, turn the steering wheel in the direction shifts the car. If the car slides to the right, turn the steering wheel sharply to the right, exactly the direction in which the car moves. In this way, the car tires will gain traction,  and you will have control over it.

Despite the fact that turning the steering wheel in the direction in which the car hates you (into the ditch opposite lane, etc.) Is not a natural instinct that is the only way to regain traction and thus kept under control car. Imagine you’re driving on the icy surface and starts you endure the side. What are you doing? You bounce the steering wheel in the opposite direction to turn in the direction you want to go if you turn the steering wheel where you tolerate (eg. A ditch)? It is almost certain that skręciłbyś the steering wheel in the wrong direction. So now you should imagine several times a situation where you turn in the direction of movement of the car, to a critical situation to be able to control the car. Also, practice a few times in my mind braking pulse.