Tips For Preparing Your Pet For Air Travel

Many tourists always wish to travel with pets during African safaris but there is also need to always care for these pets and also make them ready for air travel. You have to always follow some specific precautions and practices and you may not need to be worried about your beloved pet travelling within a cargo compartment if adequate preparation was done.

Remember that if you don’t fulfill the required safety measures, then your pet will be transported in cargo thus follow the following tips or precautions before flying with your pet;

Arrange a per carrier

Usually, a pet carrier is important for carrying your pet inside the cabin and also offers enough comfort and safety for your pet while you are traveling overseas. In most cases, Civil Aviation Authorities always offer a dog-carry-on bag for airline travel although it is advisable to choose the best carrier by keeping the comfort of the pet in mind. Therefore, it is always a perfect idea to introduce your beloved pet to the carrier at least one or two weeks in advance before the day of the flight so as to allow the pet get used to it.

First contact Airline Authorities

In most cases, airlines offer specific number of seats in their cargo compartments that are always reserved for pets thus it is important to contact your airline authority and reserve a space for your pet. Therefore, you should contact the airline authorities and inquire from them about their terms and conditions for carrying your which will in the end help in avoiding any possible frustrations at the last minute.

Prepare the carrier

Just like it is for humans, traveling can also be tiring for the pets hence it is vital to make pet carriers as comfortable and safe/secure as possible. You may need to cover the floor of the carrier with a familiar towel or blanket to make it become connected to home which also reduces anxiety. If need be, you can go as far as putting toys that are familiar to your pet.

Label the carrier with vital information

If your pet carrier has already been boarded into the cargo compartment, it would be important to label some important information on it. In most cases, pet carriers should have tags on them and fill out your personal contact information in addition to eating and drinking needs of your pet. Don’t also forget to attach the health certificate to the pet carrier and indicate that there is a live animal inside the carrier.

Health certification

It may not be the first tip in this document but undeniably the most important thing to do before anything else which involves establishing the health of the pet by paying a visit to the veterinarian. Most airlines you are likely to use will demand for health certificates for the pet which should be provided not more than ten days before flying. Most diseases like Rabies have been a matter of concern in most places to make sure your pet is healthy.

On the day of the flight

When the day of flying finally reaches, make sure that you keep the stomach of your pet empty during the flight. Therefore, feed the pet for not closer than four hours before departure but make sure to keep the pet as active as possible to compensate for the many hours it will not be able to move much and also to reduce on anxiety. Also, allow extra time at the airport to compensate for any possible long lines and be sure the airline has sufficient time to properly board the pet.