Self Drive Trip to Kalagala Waterfalls

If you ask tour operators or car rental companies, ordinary Ugandans or frequent tourists to Uganda to mention the country’s top 10 waterfalls, you will be shocked that the Kalagala waterfalls won’t appear on that list, yet it’s one of the most beautiful and naturally endowed waterfalls in the country surpassing the popular ones like Bujagali Falls. Nonetheless, it’s after visiting the site that you will agree that it’s breathtaking and worthwhile.

Kalagala Falls are found along the Victoria Nile within Kalagala village, Kangulumira sub-county in Kayunga district and approximately 99 kilometers from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. From the wide Victoria Nile, you will have a glance of the splashy and thundering falls, but the site is not only about nature but mystical stories involving rocks, spirits and trees, hence the reason locals refer to the falls as Nalongo and Salongo.

The sound of the waterfalls and spray of water can be felt from several meters away from the site and this tells you have reached one of Uganda’s unexplored attractions, but the sounds of birds especially the weavers, sun-birds and herons will take your breath away. It’s not only that waterfalls that will bow your mind here but also the mysterious tree species which seem ordinary until you get closer to them. One of the outstanding trees is the backcloth tree.

Nonetheless, the areas around Kalagala waterfalls are also cultural sites and during a visit to the site, you will see two spears at the entrance of a fireplace. You will be required to remove shoes when visiting this site as a way of respecting the spirits of the area and avoiding curses. Also, the visit will involve trekking a 4-meter tunnel-like structure that is said to shelter local spirits and visitors are expected to place money-locally known as “amakula” in the small basket found at the entrance of the tunnel. If you have any request to the gods or spirits, you can ask while placing money in the basket and it shall be granted.

Activities within Kalagala waterfalls

When you visit this site, it’s not only the waterfalls you will be watching but the adventure enthusiasts can go on different adrenaline-filled activities such as the daring water rafting where boats are propelled with dexterity, sport fishing and kayaking and much as tourists do get the same experience as it is in Jinja, it is worthwhile because few people show interest in visiting the site.

Sport fishing can be conducted along the eastern banks of the Victoria Nile and tourists interesting in just relaxing while relishing the beautiful scenery of the area can also do it.

Where to stay while exploring the Kalagala falls

Nights here can be spent from the Wildwaters Lodge on a verdant private Island in Victoria Nile and while here, you can have a clear view of the waterfalls coupled with an adventurous experience of relaxing not just in the wilderness but while surrounded by nature.

On top of the rare Kalagala, other common waterfalls to visit in Uganda include Sipi, Karuma, Murchison, Ssezibwa, Ripon, Itanda, Kisiizi, Aruu and Bujagali Falls among others.