Preparation for a self Drive Safari in Uganda

Simple Tips on Preparing for a self Drive Safari in Uganda

When you think about self drive safaris in Uganda, our reputable and reliable Car Rental Company offers variety of car hire that will suit within your travel needs and budget. Self drive adventures in Uganda is undoubtedly the most inspiring and enjoyable experience that comes once in a lifetime. Uganda is described as the pearl of Africa for many reasons. It is largely credited for its distinct floral and faunal species, spectacular sceneries. As you are on your road trip, there is certainly a lot more that waits for you to explore in this magical country. For someone’s tour to be considered enjoyable and emotional you need to be adequately prepared and this can protect you from minor challenges which can easily be avoided. There is no need for you to be frustrated or rather to be worried when it comes to self drive adventures in Uganda.

Below are some of the tips to make you prepare well for self drive adventure in Uganda

  • Take note of your emergency contacts

If you are planning for your Uganda self drive adventures, make sure that you have kept some of your emergency contacts on your telephone and back them up by jotting them on a piece of paper to cover issues of batteries dying off. The emergency contacts should however be made up of your car hire provider, your family and anyone whom you know and you feel can be of great help when you become stranded on the way. The other option is that you can contact the police by simply dialing 999 for serious matters. Make sure that you maintain the communication with your dear ones and also Car Rental Company back in main city centre.

  • Don’t forget to come with your first aid kit

Hiring a vehicle through our car hire company offers you a chance to get the perfect car that comes with a first aid kit box. You may not know how smooth your road trip can be and which is why it is useful that you come with the first aid kit. It should be well stocked with painkillers, bandages and band aids and many other items. Uganda self drive adventures largely take visitors to most exciting tourist sites especially the stunning protected area and also includes mountaineering that come with minor injuries which could have been addressed if you had a well stocked first aid kit.

  • Book the vehicle earlier enough

Preparing for a Uganda self drive requires one to reserve for his or her car of choice earlier enough. Searching for a car hire in advance prior undertaking a trip offers travelers a lot of time to get that pocket friendly car hire services and at the end you will save some money. This also allows you to inspect thoroughly prior undertaking a trip to any destination in Uganda. This means you land into Entebbe when you are guaranteed of availability of the car for your safari.

  • Pack insect repellents

Whereas visitors won’t know what is expected of them during their road trip, make sure that insect repellents do not miss out in your packing list otherwise you will it rough especially in the low altitudes, swampy and forested places where most of the insects are found. If you are planning to camp, make sure that you do not forget to come along with insect repellent.

  • Take the advantage of a guide book, driver guide or GPS

In case you aren’t popular with most of the remotest roads in Uganda and any destinations, make sure that you come along with a GPS device to assist you locate places. You can opt for a map that shows all the various and possible roads to avoid getting lost along the way. If you are heading to the national park for your safaris or rather visiting the remotest tourist sites, it is advisable that you hire a vehicle and driver guide who is familiar with all the remotest areas where safaris are conducted in Uganda.

  • Come along with a camera

Uganda self drive adventure rewards visitors with interesting sights and sounds that this country offers to the world. This will make your vacation very memorable as you will be in position to take as many pictures of tourist attractions of your choice. There is nothing as boring as bumping into a group of mountain gorillas and then you become stranded because you forgot to come with your camera.

  • Travel light

Uganda is situated between the tropics and is crossed by the Equator and hence features a tropical climate that at times can be warm. Make sure you pack lightly based on your travel itinerary. If you are heading to the savanna grassland protected areas, you will need cargo pants plus closed shoes and also sweaters to put on during cold hours.

Therefore, to have the most successful trips in Uganda, you will need to follow the above listed tips and you won’t regret undertaking self drive adventures in your life. If you are interested in self drive tours, make sure that you get in touch with our receptionist and you will find the perfect car that suits within your budget and travel needs.