Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes

Is Kibale Forest National Park your dream destination in Uganda? Are you interested in exploring the Crater Lakes while on chimpanzee adventure in Kibale National Park but you aren’t sure which place to visit? Well, safaris to Kibale Forest National Park go beyond primate adventures as there are several magnificent Crater Lakes that are worth including in your travel plan. And when you think about Crater Lake exploration in Kibale Forest National Park, you should think not further than the Kibale-Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes.

These Lakes were formed in the ancient volcanic activity in Uganda about 8 to 10000 years ago which left behind several scenic crater lakes most which include the Kibale-Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes. These Craters are among the few extinct volcanic features whose volcanic gases are said to have covered about 10 kilometers beneath. The Lakes feature a sulphuric smell and are characterized by green toxic water which means that you shouldn’t try jumping into any Crater Lake’s water prior finding out if it safer for one to swim in it.

Below are some of the Lakes that make up the Kibale Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes.

  • Lake Nkuruba

Situated about 25 kilometers south of Fort Portal exists Lake Nkuruba one of the most spectacular Crater Lakes in Kibale which reward visitors on walking safaris in Kibale Forest National Park with incredible views of the several places around Lake Nyabikere and the Kibale Forest. For visitors who may desire to stay over at Lake Nkuruba, the best choice of accommodation is Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve and Community campsite. You may also opt for the Rwenzori View Bandas, the Lakeside Cottages or the Hill top Bandas.

  • Lake Lyantonde

Lake Lyantonde is situated west of Lake Nyinambuga and features mainly Papaya Lake Lodge. This lodge is the best for visitors who wish to explore more on the Kibale-Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes and also undertake chimpanzee tracking adventure or habituation experience in Kibale Forest National Park.

  • Lake Nyabikere

Lake Nyabikere lies approximately 11 kilometers off Fort Portal on the main road to Kibale Forest National Park. There are also several pocket friendly lodging facilities around the Lake for visitor stay over and the notable one is Rweteera Safari Park budget facility which offers amazing views of the Lake and the best for visitors on chimpanzee safari in Kibale Forest National Park. Visitors can also undertake community based experience especially guided community walks that are locally guided by the experienced community members.

  • Lake Nyinambuga

This Lake lies south of Lake Nkuruba and features among the most spectacular water bodies which is surrounded by forests. There is Ndali Lodge-luxury facility for visitors to spend a night while on safari to Kibale Forest National Park. The lodge also comes with amazing scenic views of the area.

  • Lake Kifuruka

Lake Kifuruka is situated west of Lake Nyinambuga prior reaching to Lake Lyantonde. It also features a community owned eco lodge. The Lake offers visitors a chance to explore more about the Kibale-Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes with guidance of local guides.

In conclusion, if you are planning to visit the Kibale-Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes while on primate adventures in Kibale Forest National Park, the above listed water bodies should be a must to visit for you and you won’t regret in life.