Lake Mutanda: Best Things to Do and See

Interesting Things To See And Do Within Or Around Lake Mutanda

If you have been to South-western Uganda especially to Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks, then you have heard or are familiar of Lake Mutanda, one of the most beautiful Lakes in Uganda and African in general.

Located within Kisoro district (20 kilometers/12 miles north of Kisoro Town) in south-western Uganda and 454 kilometers (282 miles) south-west of Kampala, Lake Mutanda is a small freshwater Lake in Uganda. Stunning, breathtaking, magical, spectacular and beautiful are the words often used by tourists to describe this Lake and visiting it offers one of the off-the-beaten track experiences to any visitor

It is sprawled within the foothills of the Virunga Massif at an altitude of 1800 meters (5900 feet) above sea level and the three Virunga Volcanoes found in Uganda-Gahinga, Muhabura and Sabinyo can be clearly viewed from this Lake but it also features a number of lush Islands. The lakeshores offer shelter to several wildlife species such as African Clawless otters, chameleons, snakes, Hippos, frogs and monitor lizards but bird species such as Sacred Ibis, Kites, grey crowned cranes, Pelicans and Kingfishers can be spotted within the area.

This small freshwater Lake is found at just a stone throw away from the Mgahinga National Park where mountain gorillas and golden monkeys can be tracked as well as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Its calm breeze, warm temperatures and verdant surrounding areas make you think the water body is in another country and not Uganda. Therefore, visiting Lake Mutanda should not miss on the list of must-do things in Uganda because of the interesting things you are likely to see and do, and they include;

Hiking to and around Lake Mutanda

This invigorating activity is refreshing but also allows tourists to encounter different tree, butterfly and bird species. One of the most interesting hikes of the two-day hike from Buhoma to Nkuringo where you will get to ascend to Lake Mutanda area. However, there are other numerous hikes around the Lake, which may need at least a week to complete.

Mountain Bike rides

Mountain biking is one of the most exhilarating but challenging experiences because it involves transversing areas of rugged terrains and red dirt roads, thus requiring participants to be physically fit and are required to bring your own bike or hire from Kisoro.


You may never be able to swim in most Lakes in Africa but it is possible within Lake Mutanda because it is Bilharzia free.

Fishing within Lake Mutanda

With local methods and equipments, you will get the chance to catch some of the fish species found in the Lake including Tilapia and mud fish.

Bird watching

Through nature walks and canoeing, you can be able to spot the outstanding bird species within and around Lake Mutanda including Kingfishers, fish eagles and Pelicans among others.

Dug-out canoe rides

Have you ever tried the exciting dug-out canoe rides or your dream has always been to try it? If yes, then visit South-western Uganda where you will enjoy the activity within Lake Mutanda. Canoe rides allow you to explore some of the Islands or spot some of the aquatic bird species especially Kingfishers, Sacred Ibis, Kites, grey crowned cranes pelicans and Fish eagles.

Village walks

A trip to the area will allow you to undertake community/village walks to the villages living around Lake Mutanda so as to get acquainted with the lifestyle or livelihoods of the locals as well as their interesting cultures and traditions.

Relaxation and relishing the scenery around the Lake

Instead of physically demanding activities, you can choose to visit the Lake to satisfy your eyes with its mind-blowing views or to relax by the shores of the Lake or while staying at Mutanda Lake Resort or the farther Chameleon Hill Lodge. After seeing the area, you will agree that there are few places as spectacular and breathtaking as Lake Mutanda.

Gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking within the nearby Mgahinga National Park

While at Lake Mutanda, you will move for a very short distance to Mgahinga Gorilla National park where you will encounter and interact with the only habituated gorilla family-Nyakagezi but also see the small, cunning and playful golden monkeys as they swing from one branch to the other hence creating the most photogenic moments.