Hidden Car Hire Fees 

When it comes to car hire, the price is ideally one of the critical factors that most travelers look at but have you ever thought about the hidden car rental fees? Compared to airfares where airlines have taken a step to disclose taxes and fees up front, for most car hire agencies, additional charges are always buried in the fine print which leaves most travelers shocked while at the reception.

Car Rental Hidden Fees

There are several car rental fees to look out for before signing any car rental contract. If you are planning to rent a car for your next vacation in any destination, you will need to know these hidden charges that can accumulate up to even 350 pounds and everything remains like a shock to you.

Gas Fees

Car rental comprises of sales tax and nearly everyone is aware that if you return the car with virtually no gas in it the car hire agency will definitely levy a premium on you to cover up that. And this will also increase your bill. Though this is not a hidden cost, there are probably other less visible-add on fees and what is termed as unexpected charges which come with hiring a vehicle. This might also apply when you are hiring a motorcycle in Uganda

The price of fuel at times can be hidden in case you are using a car rental agency that issues an empty fuel tank policy where clients are charged for a full tank of petrol when they pick up the vehicle and be told to bring it back when empty at no cost for fuel that was not utilized. This means that the costs should be reflected upfront when you are booking a car and this can guide you while making the best option for your safari.

Extra Driver Charges

When hiring a car for a safari, you realize that adding another driver, a vehicle seat and excess car rental insurance at the reception all come with additional costs and in most cases, even above the actual car rental price and this is termed as age penalties. The costly alternative extra is adding a young driver though selecting to rent a satnav also comes with a sizeable difference to how much you have to pay. Under-age drivers come with extra costs and you have to pay keen attention to each country’s charges on this as it differs from one country to another.

Insurance Terms And Conditions

In most cases, drivers opt for the excess waiver insurance to avoid incurring costs of car damages or in case the car rented is stolen in their hand. The standalone policy is equally significant and offers travelers greater levels of cover and protection just in case of accidents or damage. Most car hire agencies have annual and daily policies that clients purchase prior to setting off and you will pay less on it.

Cancellation Fees

In case you book a car and later you cancel the reservation; higher chances are that you will incur a cost of about $100 depending on the Car Hire Company. In case you prepay and after you become a no-show client your money will likely not reappear in your bank account because the standard no-show charge is $100. However, some companies carry forward your reservation to up to 2 years from the day of booking.

Pick Up and Drop off Terms

In most car rental companies, additional charges apply for clients who bring back the vehicle to a different area from that which was previously agreed. The charge differs by location and distance. In most cases, the fee isn’t spelled out but rather a base rate will be higher than it could for a rental that picks and drops off in the same place. 

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For the above reason, it is often recommended that you get in touch with the car rental agency and agree about the possibility of changes in the drop off location even before confirming your reservation

Hiring At The Airport

By hiring the car at the airport, we mean considering the car rental agencies that put up their stalls or booths at the airport to facilitate car hire upon arrival. Hiring a car at the airport at times comes with a higher charge than if you rented a car outside the airport. Make sure that you avoid incurring costs that are charged at the airport for car hire that operate within the airport by making your reservation online before arrival.

Hire Time Terms

You should also know more about the 24-hour rule otherwise if you rented a car for a specific date and you return it on a different day, you will incur an extra cost. Most car hire companies even offer 29 minutes as a grace period prior to the hourly charge begins to count and after 90 to 120 minutes, you will be charged for a full additional day. This requires you to take note of the terms and conditions of a car hire agency.

Mileage Policy

Most big car hire agencies accept unlimited mileage within the same country though it is a wise idea that you first double-check prior to booking a vehicle for your vacation. At times, some local car hire agencies levy a cost for mileage in case a client exceeded a specific daily allotment.

Licensing charges

Some countries give the opportunity to car hire agencies to charge additional fees as a way for them to recover what they spent while licensing their vehicles. This charge won’t be disclosed to you and you have to inquire about it earlier enough.


You may also come across extra fees on infants and child seat rentals, GPS, roof racks, fridge, camping equipment, rooftop tents, and many others and the charge can range from $3 to $25 depending on the car hire agency.

You may also incur charges each time you request fliers and this also differs from company to company.

In conclusion, car hire services are of great value as they enable most travelers to achieve their dreams in a destination. However, to make your vacation successful, you have to be aware of the hidden charges that come when renting a car and find a way to avoid them.