Car Rental Services offered by 4×4 Uganda Ltd

Car Rental Services offered by 4×4 Uganda Ltd

Depending on what your travel interests are at the destination, we offer a wide range of car rental service that cover all your travel needs. Regardless of this fact, to realize your dream, you need to first conduct research on which reputable car rental company to deal with and the fact that many have come up to offer the same service, perhaps it becomes challenging for you to make a choice. We are a trust worthy car Hire Company and our car hire services covers parts of Uganda and Rwanda. Our services range from the following;

Portable Camper Tent Offered by 4×4 Uganda Ltd
  • Car hire for self-drive tours

Before, nearly everyone came for guided safaris but today, things have changed. Need for unique experiences is the order of the day and that is why a self-drive is that one best for you opportunity to adventure new destinations with unique attractions. Imagine how amazing it is to be on the steering personally in a new destination and perhaps with your guide. Our self-drive car rentals usually come with comprehensive insurance and they are well maintained and ever in good mechanical conditions just waiting for you to set off for your road trip. What you ought to have is simply a passport, national ID, a valid driving permit and complete your booking process before the actual travel date.

  • Wedding car hire offers

In addition to exploring wildlife, we also cater the interest of those who are planning for their wedding days. So if you have any plans to wed and you are wondering how you will connect to and fro the reception and venue, it is a high time you stopped worrying anymore because with our exceptional fleet of car rentals, it is our joy to see you and the rest of your family members smile on that special day that you have long awaited. Our bridal car rentals in offer range from luxurious limousines, land cruisers, vintage cars, Mercedes to range rovers. Given the economic status of our country, we understand how challenging it is to organize such a big event and our car rentals are pocket friendly. For any transportation needs on your wedding part worry no more, simply contact us and book for your dream car in advance and wait for that special day and lifetime memories.

  • Airport transfers

Normally, what hurts most is landing in Entebbe International Airport or Kigali Airport and then you become stranded because you never booked any car for pick up to your hotel or destination. Perhaps this is for the past days but today, we are readily available to drive you comfortably from the airport to your hotel for a night stay or straight to destination of your choice. Our airport transfer services are within your wallet and we have variety of car rentals so you have opportunity to choose the best. Our fleet of cars include land cruisers, saloon cars, Rav4s, super customs and many more. What is interesting is that the transfer costs cover the driver, vehicle and fuel.

  • Guided safaris

In case you are not well versed with Uganda’s and Rwanda’s roads and nature, the best option is for you to set off on guided tour. Our car rental services can be rented both car and professional / experienced driver and you will have an amazing experience in that dream destination. We have professional, knowledgeable and warm welcoming to take you to any part of Uganda and Rwanda. Besides, safety of clients is always our priority and so we give the best.

Toyota Prado with a Pop-up Roof
  • Safari packages

For any plans to tour Uganda or Rwanda, we are readily available to help you make an ultimate safari holiday that suits within your travel means and budget. We can also help you book that dream and comfortable hotel or safari lodge.

  • Camping gear

For adventure experiences or if you want to get in touch with nature, our camping gear are the best for you. 4×4 Uganda has ground dome tents, portable tents raised from ground and Roof top tents. A full camping gear include sleeping bags, gas cooker, camping mattress, kitchen ware, crockery, fridge, waterproof tents and many more.

  • Long term car hire

If you are interested in long tours, long term car rentals should be the best option for you to make. Our long term car rentals come at pocket friendly prices and cover costs for driver, car servicing and maintenance.

  • Driver hire

If you are hiring a vehicle and at the same time you need someone to always to drive you around, simply connect with us and we shall get you one of our professional and experienced and punctual drivers.