9 Major Lakes in Africa

List of Africa’s Largest Lakes (The Great Lakes in Africa)

While Africa is popular as wildlife safari destination, on other hand, its Lakes still remain untapped and yet they have a lot to amaze you. The beauty of this continent isn’t only depended to wildlife but also vast water bodies most of which include several lakes that are widely distributed in various parts. The most significant water Lakes for you to explore while on safari in Africa include;

  • Lake Victoria

This water body boasts among the very few fresh water Lakes and the largest in the world. It is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and because of its strategic location, it was thought to be the source of the mighty River Nile as it is the only river that flows out from it.  Its surface area is about 68800 square kilometers and derived its name from Queen Victoria.  Compared to other rift valley lakes, Lake Victoria on other hand is shallow and about 3440 kilometers of its shoreline is intensely populated and filled with biodiversity. It boasts of rare floral and faunal species that may not be sighted in any part of the world and they include among others Nile Perch, hippos, African clawless otters, marsh mongoose, sitatunga, bohor reed buck, defassa waterbuck, Nile crocodiles, African helmeted turtles and many others. Besides, it boasts of its stunning islands especially Ssese Islands that make a total of about 84. Lake Victoria is ideal for sport fishing, birding, boat cruise a mention but a few.

  • Lake Malawi

This Lake is also popularly called Lake Nyasa and features among the very few stunning East African rift lakes. This waterbody lies at the border area of Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi. It is the 9th largest worldwide, 3rdlargest and 2nd deepest in Africa. About 700 cichlid fish species are inhabited in this Lake as well as several molluscs, crustaceans, Nile crocodiles, hippos, African fish eagles, monkeys and many more. This lake is ideal for kayaking, snorkeling, boat tours, sailboarding, water skiing and many others.

Lake malawi

  • Lake Albert

Lake Albert is also known as Nyanza and it is the 4th largest of Great Rift Valley Lakes. It is source of the White Nile River and lies at a border area between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. This lake is one of a few unexplored waterbodies and yet feature unique natural wonders. It derived its name from Prince Albert and it comprises areas of Bugungu wildlife reserve in Murchison Falls National Park in the north and Semuliki Wildlife Reserve in the south.

  • Lake Bunyonyi

This Lake lies along the southwestern side of Uganda and compared to most Africa Lakes, this waterbody is very safe for swimming the fact that it is free from bilharzia as well as hippos and crocodiles. It features as the 2nd deepest Lake in Africa and its name denotes a place of little birds and about 200 avifaunal species call it their home. Besides, it comprises of about 29 distinct islands including the rare punishment island that bears its unique history. If you are planning to visit Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park for gorilla trekking, it is one area you need not to miss to pay a visit.

  • Lake Retba

If you are heading to Senegal for a holiday, Lake Retba is that one unique tourist site you need not to miss to pay a visit. This lake is also popular as the Pink Lake of Senegal. It is situated north of Cap Vert Peninsular of Senegal just close to the Atlantic Ocean. This water has the same quantity of salt just like that in the Dead Sea. The pink color is as a result of the Dunaliella Salina bacteria that thrives in the lake due to high salinity and hence its name. Due to its salinity, very few species can thrive in this waterbody.

  • Lake Tanganyika

This Great African Lake is the 2nd oldest and the longest freshwater lake in the world and second largest by volume and the 2nd deepest with a depth of about 570 meters. It boasts of its unique islands especially mamba kayenda, kavala island, mutondwe, kumdula, kibishie island, milima island and others. It is shared by countries like DR Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia and mainly inhabits Nile crocodiles and many other reptile species. It is however ideal for sport fishing and other exciting water sport activities.

  • Lake Assal

If Djibouti is your dream destination, Lake Assel is that one area you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit. This Crater Lake lies within Central western Djibouti just at western side of Gulf Tadjoura in the Tadjoura region. It straddles at altitude of 155 meters and in most cases, it can be saltier than the Ocean.

  • Lake Chad

This is a desert Lake and it is surrounded by Sahara desert. This waterbody play a significant role for most people in Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon. However, it is very shallow and depending on the drought, it tends to vary in size as it encounters evaporation.

  • Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu straddles at the border area between DR Congo and Rwanda just in the extreme Albertine rift. It pours its water into River Ruzizi and flows southwards to Lake Tanganyika. It is strategically located very close to many national parks including Virunga National Park, Volcanoes National Park.

In conclusion, the beauty of Africa isn’t only dependent on its rare wildlife but also its distinct water Lakes. With above listed Lakes, we believe that you will the best choice to make.