Kampala-Entebbe Campsites For Uganda Self Drive Safaris

Kampala and Entebbe Safari Lodges And Campsites For Uganda Self Drive Safaris

Most of the self-drive safaris are individually organized safaris. One of the things that really take most of the time while in the process of organizing your self-drive safari is getting a good car hire service provider.

After identifying or confirming your car hire reservation, the next thing to look out for would be the campsites in case you hired a car with ground camping or a rooftop tent and lodges in case you consider spending some nights in lodges. For this reason, we have compiled for you a few lodges and campsites to consider in the different parts of Uganda during your road trip in Uganda.

Campsites and Lodges in Entebbe

Entebbe international airport is the only international airport in Uganda. Anyone coming to Uganda by flight will come through Entebbe international airport. This raises a few questions like; where you may camp or spend your first night just in case you are planning to spend it in Entebbe. Below are some of the options to consider.

Budget/Shoestring Accommodation

Budget accommodation ranges between US$15 and US$70

ViaVia Guesthouse

ViaVia is one of the most popular budget accommodations in Entebbe. Most of our self-drive clients have spent a night or two in this guesthouse and their experience has been satisfying. It offers glamping, camping, and lodges. It also has a bar, restaurant, yoga sessions, boxing sessions, and a craft shop.

Blue Monkey Guesthouse

Blue monkey guest house is also another classy both mid-range and budget accommodation guesthouse. Just like ViaVia guesthouse, it offers glamping. It has no restaurant but your room charge covers a full breakfast. Probably it the only meal you will get from the guesthouse. However, you can order food from the nearby restaurant while at the guesthouse.

Airport Link Guesthouse

Airport link Guesthouse is located just a few meters from Blue monkey guesthouse and Cycads guesthouse. You may have to compare the rates, though Blue monkey seems to have better prices. It also offers bed and breakfast, restaurant, and bar.

Frontiers Hotel

Frontiers Hotel is about 4km from Entebbe international airport. It also offers budget accommodation, restaurant, bed and breakfast, bar, and spa. It has the same price range as the Blue monkey guesthouse.

Gorilla African Guest House

Gorilla African Guest House also offers budget accommodation, restaurants, bicycle hires, and airport transfer. It is in the same price range as ViaVia Guesthouse.

Lake Victoria Country Home Entebbe

Lake Victoria country home is one of the best budget accommodation locations in Entebbe. It has a restaurant and a self-operated kitchen in case you wish to do the cooking yourself. It also offers camping at reasonable rates thus a recommended hangout.

Midrange Accommodation Entebbe

Mid-range accommodation ranges between US$75 and US$185

2 Friends Beach Hotel Entebbe

2 Friends is one of the beach Hotels in Entebbe falling in the category of mid-range accommodation. It has its restaurant beside the beach; it also has a swimming pool putting it in the same range as The Boma Hotel. Airport transfers are also offered at the same hotel.

The Boma Hotel

The Boma Hotel is in the same locality with Frontiers hotel. It offers midrange accommodation, restaurant, bar, bed and breakfast, and a swimming pool. All its rooms are above US$100

K Hotels Entebbe

K hotel is located just within 15 minutes drive from the airport. It has a bar, restaurant and swimming pool. It offers airport transfers too. Its price range is slightly above that of 2 Friends beach hotel Entebbe and The Boma Hotel.

Imperial Hotels

There are a number of imperial group of hotels to choose from in Entebbe. These include imperial botanical beach hotel, imperial resort beach hotel, imperial golf view, and imperial apartments. All these can be classified in the mid-range and luxury class. They have swimming pools, restaurants, bars and they are all located within a 10 to 15 minutes drive from the airport. Unfortunately, none of the midrange hotels offers camping,

Lake Victoria Hotel Entebbe

Lake Victoria Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Uganda. It offers accommodation with a bed and breakfast, spa, restaurant, bar, and swimming pool. It does not offer camping but it has ample parking space

Lake Heights Hotel Entebbe

Located at 13 Church Rd, Entebbe, Uganda; Lake Heights Hotel Entebbe is one of the best 3star hotels in Entebbe that anyone would consider on their shortlist for the best 3-star hotels in Entebbe. It is also a midrange hotel offering accommodation, restaurant, bar, and swimming pool.

Campsites and Lodges in Kampala

Kampala has only a limited number of campsites, however, it has a number of countless budget and shoestring lodges that anyone can consider for their trip.

Self Drive Safari Accommodation in Kampala

Finding the best accommodation during yourself safari is one of the bonuses in making yourself an excellent self-drive trip.

Red chili hideaway

Red chili hideaway is one of the leading campsites in Uganda. They offer along with camping hostels, dormitories, restaurant, bar, and lodges in Murchison falls national park and in Kampala.

Backpackers Hostel and Campsite

Backpackers Hostel and campsite is the closes campsite to the heart of Kampala. Anyone that considers spending a camping night in Kampala before starting on their trip would be recommended to spend their night at this campsite

The Five Horsemen

The Five Horsemen backpacker hostel is one of the most popular hostels in Kampala that is just next to the city center. The only challenge is; it has limited parking space but all the other services are excellent.

ICU Guesthouse

It is no doubt, ICU Guesthouse is one of the best budget hideouts in Kampala offering monthly accommodation services as well as daily accommodation services.

The Fat cat Backpackers

The fat cat Backpackers would be the recommended hideout for any movie enthusiast due to it proximity to Acacia Mall as well as Alliance Françoise

Bushpig Backpackers

Bushpig Backpackers is located a few kilometers from the city center. It is one of the most popular backpacker residences in Uganda.

Nyumba 591

Nyumba 591 is one of the cheapest yet excellent accommodation providers in Kampala. It is located in the locality of Mulago making it very close to Acacia mall in case you need to do any shopping.

Hotel City Square

Located next to Mapeera House (Centenary bank headquarters), the hotel offers budget accommodation though the place usually has issues with parking due to its location in the heart of Kampala city.

Yellow Haven

Located in Gabba a couple of kilometers from Kampala city center,  Yellow haven is one of the best hangouts offering swimming, massage, cooking classes, cycling, and boat ride. It is a class above most of the hotels in Kampala yet price friendly

HBT Russell Hotel

Located just after the intersection of Kampala road and Entebbe road; the hotel has some of the best restaurants, bars, and accommodation. Unfortunately, its location in the city center would come with some car noise.