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4×4 Kenya Nairobi Car hire

It is no doubt; Kenya is the biggest tourism destination in East Africa. Uganda and Rwanda might have the mountain gorillas but Kenya has a lot more to offer in terms of services. It is slightly more developed compared to Uganda and Tanzania. Whereas Rwanda would have been a perfect competitor for Kenya; it does not match the depth in tourism destinations.

For this reason Kenya is still the first choice for anyone considering East Africa as their travel destination mostly due to better accommodation and road networks compared to Uganda and Tanzania. But do not be fooled, the cost of living in Kenya is slightly higher compared to almost all the other East African countries.

To cut the transport costs more so on self guided tours, many tourist consider self drive safaris in Kenya but this raises another challenge; most of the car hire companies offer limited mileage because of the Kenyan government policy. Below are some of the things to consider when hiring a car in Nairobi Kenya.

Unlimited Mileage

The car hire company in Kenya is one that will offer you unlimited mileage for your self drive safari in Kenya. Unlimited mileage means there is no limit to the number of kilometers you can travel in a given period of time. This gives you an opportunity to explore Kenya and the rest of the country without any mileage hindrances.

Cost per day

Almost everyone will recommend you to go with the company that offers the least price but you should put in consideration the company reputation more so on TripAdvisor and safari booking. You might be a victim to a company that is simply testing the market by offering the least prices but with cars in poor mechanical condition if at all they deliver the car.

Un-serious companies do not mind confirming your booking without any commitment fee which also gives them ground for giving excuses to why they did not deliver the promised services or operating off the agreed time.

 Pick up locations

Not many car hire companies have offices in all their pick up locations, therefore before you confirm any booking, confirm whether there are additional charges required for certain pick up locations. For instance if a company is Nairobi based; though it can deliver a car in Mombasa, it will charge you for delivering and picking up the car from Mombasa.

It is advisable to also hire a car from a car hire company from your desired pick up location, however there is one challenge with this; car hire companies that cannot afford having their offices in any of the East African capitals are questionable in case you are considering traveling quite a long distance. But if you are going to keep within that specific city, then you do not need to get a car from another city or nearby country unless on mileage grounds.

Fuel Consumption

It is no good reason for you to hire a car cheaply only to be burdened by the fuel budget. There are two things to consider when budgeting for fuel; whether the car consumes gasoline or diesel.

Gasoline is slightly more expensive than diesel, and secondly; diesel car are fond of heating up in case they are not well maintain. That is to say; you are more likely to have trouble with a diesel car than a petrol car.

Diesel cars will help you to save a great deal on fuel but you might have to get them from already proven car hire companies to avoid falling victim.

Terms and condition

Before you confirm any car hire reservation, first look through their car hire contract. This usually covers the insurance policy, terms and conditions in case of any accident, how the day is measured; 12 hours or 24 hours and a lot more.