Kampala Walking Tour: Exploring Local Markets

Kampala, the capital of Uganda offers a number of safari experiences but is sometimes negated by the thick traffic in the city. Regardless, the nightlife is still flourishing, historical tours are still making it big time as well as Kampala day life.

If you wish to have a true picture of Ugandan life, Kampala would be the best place to visit. It has almost all kinds of Ugandans. From the classy group that works and resides in uptown, to the scammers that survive uptown. Then the brokers (bayiribi) who live downtown and a lot more categories of people.

Noor’s Restuarant At Kingdom Kampala

The categories are mainly created by the kind of jobs people do. But there is one thing that always squares all people from different walks of life. That is food.

When you visit uptown restaurants, food would be priced higher than most of the downtown restaurants but that should not fool you into thinking that uptown food is always better. They all depend on the same markets for food supplies. So why not take a tour to explore Kampala’s local markets? There is no better way to know about life in Kampala.

Each division of Kampala has one or more markets. You might not be able to explore all Kampala markets in one day. Therefore you ought to make a few choices. You can choose one major food market in Kampala; probably Nakasero market and then two other markets outside the central division.

Nakasero Market

The market is located within Kampala’s central business area. In order to avoid traffic delays and failure to find good parking space, it is recommended to stick to walking tours within Nakasero market. The main highlight would be grabbing some fresh fruits from the market.

In Uganda, all food sold in the markets is fresh. The best part of your walking safari in Kampala will be when you set out to test the fruits you will have bought from Nakasero market. The market also offers wonderful moments for photography.

Nakawa Market

The Nakawa market will give you something to compare to the Nakasero market to you. It is a bit different given it is a mixture of many things. It is one of the major markets in Kampala that supplies the local stalls around Kampala

Kalerwe Market

Similar to the Nakasero market, Kalerwe is simply along the road. It is quite a busy market. Getting a few conversations with locals in this market will grant you an insight way different from that of the Nakasero market.

Kalerwe market is located near the slums. It has something in common with the Nakawa market.

Ntinda Food Markets

Ntinda is a rich neighborhood. They mostly do their market shopping inNakawa market. But when you visit Ntindamarket, you will have an idea of what nonmajor local markets have to offer. You will also see how busy or how relaxed a given market is.

There are a number of other local markets in Kampala that you can visit to complete your Kampala local markets tour. These include but are not limited to; the Wandegeya market, Kibuye market, Owino market, Nakulabye market, Usafi market, Nakivubo market, Kamwokya market, and Kawempe market among several other markets.

Each major town in Kampala has either a small or major market specializing in the provision of food to the Kampala residents. The only part that is often missed in the Kampala markets tour is the offloading moment which usually happens before sunrise. If you can afford to move at night, you will get the chance to see how the market business is conducted.

Once you see everything that happens in the markets, you would also wish to visit the gardens or farms. It is at this point that places like Clarke Farm become of absolute importance. Even though they do not supply these local food markets, you will have a point of reference when you visit the gardens of small-scale farmers.