Kenya tourism to increase annually in the next years

Kenya’s tourism industry is also expected to grow at an annual average of the six percent over the next decade. This country ‘s travel and tourism GDP is also projected to grow at 6% annually over the next 10 years , as the total economy grows at 5.9%, according to the world Travel and tourism council Bench marking report 2017.

The projected growth is also quicker than the automotive manufacturing at 4.3% and agriculture sector at only 5.1 %. This report also shows that travel and tourism industry is also larger than the mining, chemicals, manufacturing and the automotive manufacturing mixed. This economic value of the business and the leisure travel sector, that is 10% of Kenya’s GDP is also the same size as Kenya’s banking sector.

On the employment, travel and tourism directly supports nearly three times as many jobs as the banking sector and more than twice as many jobs as the financial services sector in the country. This report also shows that 1.1 million direct, indirect and induced jobs were supported by the industry in 2016 or 9.2% of the country’s total employment. These figures also show that the tourism sector is not only a main engine to economic growth in Kenya and it’s a creator of Jobs. In Kenya, the travel and tourism also provides jobs across all levels of society and from the most remote rural areas to the busiest city centre.

This report also indicates that Kenya will also need another 500,000 people to serve the travel and tourism industry over the next 10 years. In the face of the forecast and in order for our sector to continue in boosting the economy and the livelihoods in Kenya, it’s also vital to address the anticipated talent shortage. Kenya also depends on quality people to deliver a quality product to our customers. The policies, programmes and the partnerships also need to be put into place to ensure that Kenya’s workforce of the future known about the chances in the industry.

It’s also known that the suitable skills and the knowledge in the workforce also supports future growth of the tourism sector. Kenya is also a beautiful country with a good tourism product and Kenyan government is called upon to continue in investing in the travel and tourism sector to be able to foster the growth and further in the exploring of the great socio- economic benefits of the sector.

The countries that were researched in this report also include; United kingdom, France, South Africa, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Germany and Kenya. The rest of the countries also include; Jaimaca, Turkey, Thailand, Italy, Southern Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, the United Arab Emirates Peru, Mexico and Japan
The Travel and tourism is also key for the investment and economic growth globally. This sector also contributes about $ 7.6 trillion or 10.2 % of the global GDP, once all direct, indirect and induced impacts are also taken into account. This sector also accounts for over 292 million jobs or more in 10 of all the jobs on the planet.