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About us - Car Service and Maintenance

Our 4x4 rental cars are well maintained and regularly serviced by professionals to avoid any inconveniences while on your trip around East Africa. It is now 6 years, we are in self drive car rental services in Uganda and Rwanda and we have never got any mechanical problems with our cars, no complaints from our clients! This is because our experts fully inspect our cars before they set-off for a safari, and when the car comes back, its fully inspected again, repaired and goes for off-road test.Our professionals listen to the car and deal with any car maintenance problems immediately. We are alert for changes in performance, sounds and visual tip-offs that indicate service or repairs may be needed.

How we prevent problems from happening?

The best way to ensure trouble-free motoring for years and years is to develop a habit of regularly checking under the bonnet and around the car. Three things we check regularly: - Check engine oil/coolant/brake/clutch/windscreen washer fluid levels. - Check tyre pressure including spare (when cold) - In parking, walk around the car checking all lights and indicators are operating.

Car Pick Up and Drop off Locations

Cars can be delivered anywhere in Uganda and Rwanda (Terms and Conditions apply). Delivery to Entebbe Airport or hotels around Kampala / Entebbe is free. The renter can return the vehicle to our offices, or have it picked from the airport or from your hotel.

About Us - 4x4 Uganda: For The Best Self Drive Car Rental Prices On The Market

Welcome to 4x4 Uganda limited; The home of great value car hire in Uganda and Rwanda. Book online and you are guaranteed the best rates available.   4x4 Uganda limited offers a great range of the most affordable 4x4 rental Cars in Uganda and Rwanda. We are the 4x4 rental specialists and can match your needs for a 4x4 rental car to suit any budget. We have cars such as the Toyota Prado (TZ, TX, GX, VX and 3.0 Liter), Land Cruiser Hardtop, Land Rover and Toyota Rav4 available to hire plus many more.   Our 4x4 cars can be hired for leisure, business and safari, with or without a driver. In other words, you can drive your own adventure in East Africa by choosing one of our vehicles for self drive tour.   All of our 4x4 rental cars are fully insured with all you need to drive the vehicle away at the best price on the market. Whether you need to hire a 4x4 vehicle to go off road (for a safari in Uganda or Rwanda), or just to get a higher view of the roads on vacation or for business, our range of utility cars and prestige 4x4’s means we can cater for all your interests.   Our 4x4 cars are in very good conditions, well maintained, comprehensive insurance cover and regularly serviced to enable you enjoy your drive around East Africa. If you are looking for the most affordable quote to hire a 4x4 car in Uganda/Rwanda, then look no further, you will not find a better deal anywhere online. The quote reduces if you book for many days. Send us an email now and we shall reply you in less than 6 hours. Email: info@4x4uganda.com

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